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Porsche Cayenne for Race 07

Porsche Cayenne for Race 07 202008

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Model created by someone else (unknown) for ShiftStreet, RFactor.
Converted to Race 07 and textured by Karsay.

The engine and physics are fictional (from other cars, mixed).
With this physics the car is fully drivable.
The original physics does not work here.

The original .hdc and other files are in the folder
Unused parts ex RF and the sounds are included in Sounds
- if you can do this, you are welcome.
Temporarily it uses sounds of another car, not included.

Lacking: gauges, cockpit mirrors, wipers.

porsche cayenne 005 red new but could be darker.png

Side view: the wheelbase has been corrected since this screenshot.

porsche cayenne 010 grey ok.png

Each driver has a different colour suit, this was the default colour

porsche cayenne 003 black red interior.png

Each car interior is in a different colour.

porsche cayenne 009 transparent gauges.png

The gauges and mirrors are not done yet.

Low quality video, but see who won the race.

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Latest updates

  1. graphic update

    minor updates, cameras, colors, numberplates, driver suits. multiple classes (inclass files)
  2. reworked shaders, added details

    version 201911 Reworked shaders, lights, car body and interior details, added numberplates...
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