Porsche 991 GT3 Cup - Skinpack Carrera Cup Germany

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup - Skinpack Carrera Cup Germany 1.0

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Raymond Racing
I *wish* I could rate this higher, but the fact that this skinpack is based on a payware-mod version of the car instead of the Kunos 991 GT3 Cup DLC means that the skins are tied to an incompatible template, and have to be transferred over by manually re-editing theses skins onto the official Kunos base.
great pack!!!!!!!! Where can I get the base mod?
great pack! thanks!!
Fantastic work! It's the perfect cap for the Dorsch 991!
Great !
Fantastic livery pack! Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy.
Great work! Thanks :)
5 stars r not enough...awesome job!!! Thx a lot!!!!
amazing work, thanks!!
Outstanding job, thank you!
Fantastic skins that really add to the immersion factor of this great little car, thanks.
Thx for this pack, great job !!!
Great work.
Excellent job on these. Look great!!
Great work - Thanks a lot!
stunning work here.