Porsche 991 24H Le Mans tribute sport/retro/classic livery pack

Porsche 991 24H Le Mans tribute sport/retro/classic livery pack 1.0

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A simple sport design for the rather basic looking 991.
Enjoy :)
Grand Tourist
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Latest updates

  1. Complete skin pack, 4k + sport skin pack 2k. Added retro designs + previews/livery screens

    Well, I decided to put the 4k skins back online, because from a designers' point of view it...
  2. interiors, calipers; previews and a Gulf edition.

    Changelog: -interior design -brake calipers -preview images -Gulf edition enjoy...
  3. Extra parts painted, added new colour...more to come

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Latest reviews

Very good design, skins look great. And thank you for making it more "ancient-GPU-friendly". The previous version was a bit too heavy :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
No problem, anything just ask. Thx for the review
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx, working on the development.
Great skins for a great car, much appreciated !!! Is there a reason why the preview image displays the cars with no reflections? Not a big deal although the skin looks terrible as a result. I may just shoot my on previews and replace them.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Kunos preview builder takes the shadow side of the showroom to shoot prviews. You can download the screens I used in here to show the cars or take shots yourself.
Thx for the nice words.
It looks good, but I really want you to do the other part of the boot above the vent. I looked at them and just feel having that part done would make it look much better :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Ah yes I see, you may have a good point. I was bound in time and anxious to release the skins, not always the best tactics :-) I will look into it further, good thing I camled it 0.7 version.
Te red one is so nice in my eyes ;-) !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I knew it!!
very nice...
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanksch :)
Nice skins mate :) the 991 needs plenty of skins doing for it. Cheers
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Agreed. Thx.
Again good idea, but waay to much space on the disc. 100mb for one simple skin? please check your export settings: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/skin-modding-faq.4369/ Kunos standard is option A: DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp interpolated alpha
Mitchell Filtering
Generate 6 MIP Maps
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I knew you were gonna say that, with reason of course. I had 2hrs spare time, just enough for these skins to create, and I always start in 4k. A smaller sized version will be available soon. Promise.