Porsche 991.2 GT3 Touring Skin Pack 1.5

32 skins for the Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 Touring by AssettoDrive

  1. Major update

    James Egan
    • Fixed texture issue for all skins
    • Added S1 version meaning there is now 64 skins
    • Updated previews for all skins 05_Carrara_White_Red_Stripes_and_Letters_Silver_Rims.jpg
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  2. Silver rims fix

    James Egan
    fixed silver rims looking white under sunlight preview.jpg
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  3. 33 skin update

    James Egan
    number of skins bumped up to 32 from 21
    • added silver wheel variants to most skins
    • added jet black skins
    preview.jpg jet black skin with silver rims
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  4. Quick fix for standard launcher compatibility issues

    James Egan
    removed the "&" symbol from affected files which could not be used in the regular launcher for the game
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  5. Skin Pack Release (21 skins)

    James Egan
    I have now made this into a skin back of 21 skins with variations such as; 911 R style stripes, the word "Porsche" in different colours & different colour wheels. Please use the support tab if you need to inform me of anything & please leave a review telling me what you think of it
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