Porsche 962c shorttail, 54 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k

Porsche 962c shorttail, 54 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k v2.2

No permission to download
thanks, what is the difference 2k and 4k,....? Newbie sorry.....
This ensures that everyone can match their computer performance. The files vary in size. If you have a large field of drivers and all vehicles have a high resolution (for example 4k 4096 x 4096), it looks very fine but can this reduce the performance. 2k (2048 x 2048) is Kunos-Standard. I personally drive with the 3k (3072 x 3072) resolution.
So many thanks for making this great car better then before. Amazing skins and work.
Muchas Gracias :)
Massive thanks for your massive effort!
Just insane! fantastic pack!
This is just amazing, thank you!
When you click on 5 stars it says: "excellent"...
This is indeed excellent. Like 6 stars excellent...
I can't imagine how much time and work it took to do these , but thank you very much! They look great in the game !
Wow. Thanks for your thorough attack on these liveries. Improves the immersion bigtime!
Awesome collection !
mandatory to install
awesome work!!!! thank you for the update!!
Thank you once again.
One can never have too many Porsche's!!
THX!! I agree with that
As alaways, many thanks for your constant and great works on it ! ;-)
I love this collection! Thank you for another update! :)
Best skin pack in human history.
Thanks! Love this car too!
Thank you so much for keeping your skin pack up to date. Fantastic work.
thanks! great work!
awesome work thank you for the update
Cream of the crop. Thank you. Excellent work!!
Simply awesome, update after update ;)
brillant job !
thx for your work
Many thanks for your constant works on it ! ;-)
incredible work man, seriously. I would give 6 stars if I could
Still fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your great work.
Hard to believe you left 19 cars out (according to Stuttcars, there were 53 962C's made, including the latter-day Dauer one-off), but of course they weren't all short-tails. Fantastic work! Thank you!
One hell of a HQ livery pack, very well done! thx
You are a hero to the community for these, wow!
Awesome pack!
Compulsory download for everybody
Thank you, great pack!
DEAR GOD!!!! Thank you!!!!
Fantastic set, thank you!
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