Porsche 962c longtail, 21 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k

Porsche 962c longtail, 21 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k v1.8

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All my skins for the Porsche 962c longtail, in one package summarized. If there are new skins and updates in the future, I will update this package. However, they will continue to appear individually.



Bob Akin Racing, Coca Cola, 5 (1985)
Brun Motorsport, Camel, 4 (1988)
Brun Motorsport, Torno, 19 (1985)
Charles Ivey Racing, Rollei, 21 (1984)
Fitzpatrick Racing, BP, 47 (1983)
Fitzpatrick Racing, Elkron, 55 (1986)
Fitzpatrick Racing, Team Australia, 34 (1984)
Fitzpatrick Racing, Skoal Bandit, 33 (1984)
Fitzpatrick Racing, Skoal Bandit, 55 (1984)
Kremer Racing, GranPrix, 21 (1983)
Kremer Racing, LeytonHouse, 11 (1988)
Liqui Moly Equipe 14 (1986)
Obermaier Racing, Ducados, 26 (1985)
Obermaier Racing, Primagaz (1987)
Porsche System, Rothmans, 1 (1982)
Porsche System, Rothmans, 2 (1982)
Porsche System, Rothmans, 3 (1982)
T-Bird SwapShop, 8 (1985)
T-Bird SwapShop, 26 (1984)
Team Ernst Schuster, 63 (1986)
Trust Racing, Iseki, 7 (1984)

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Latest updates

  1. v1.8

    Changelog: - added Trust Racing, Iseki, 7, v1.1 - new previews for all cars
  2. v1.7

    Changelog: added Team_Ernst_Schuster_63_v1.0
  3. v1.6

    Changelog: - added Bob Akin Racing, Coca Cola , 5, v1.0 - added Fitzpatrick Racing, Skoal...
  4. v1.5

    Changelog: - added Porsche System, Rothmans, 1, v1.0 - added Porsche System, Rothmans, 2, v1.0...
  5. v1.4

    Changelog: -added Kremer Racing, Leyton House, No 11

Latest reviews

This, together with the 962c shorttail skin pack from the same author, is one of the greatest skin mods for Assetto Corsa. The skins are very accurate and with a great level of detail. Almost every historical livery used on the 962c is included from events from around the world.
It makes racing this car even more fun then it already is!

I am glad the author spend all this time and energy and lets us enjoy these great skins. Thanks very much and keep up the great work!
Skin Thank ;=)
Good work! Thanks.
Amazing work as always!
Huge work as usual, thank you very much ! ;-)
Superb quality!
Just Incredible pack, must have it !!!
Must have livery pack
Thanks a lot for all the amazing works You always did ! ;-)
The updates are very appreciated.
Thank you very much
Awesome! Thank you.
This pack is just as great as the pack for the 956C Short tail, just a historically accurate and just as much attention to detail!
Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to more of your work, maybe for other classic Porsche racers!
Love these kinds of skin packs, thanks.
absolutely great work! Thanks so much!
Thanks again for the update, good job!
Thanks for the update. Great car, great skins!
Totally fantastic pack! Thanks!
As always, awesome works you compiled, I am very grateful ! ;-)
Did you planned a long tail version for a Camel skin ?
Cheers and thank you very much again.
Thx. A Brun Camel Porsche is still in work.
Superb and in 3 resolutions, Big thanks.
It seems that Le mans groupe C is not very attractive.