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Porsche 962 c Lang Heck Team Brun Camel#4 1988 (24 Heures du Mans) 2019-01-13

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Porsche 962 c Lang Heck Team Brun Motorsport 1988 at Le Mans. Camel version; Walter Brun Enjoy!
porsche 962 camel 2.jpg
  • porsche 962 camel 1.jpg
    porsche 962 camel 1.jpg
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  • porsche 962 camel 3.jpg
    porsche 962 camel 3.jpg
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Fantastic +++++
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Thank you very much!!
Top class!!
No me salen las ruedas y las llantas que se ven en la imagen del mod...
For any communication, please, you must speak in English. If I understood your comment, you are disappointed not to have the wheels as on the picture ??? The file does not include the wheels displayed on the photos because the change of wheels requires other files a little more complicated to realize and install. The car is represented as realistically as possible in its historic racing configuration. This file is simply a skin for car.

Best regards
Another very welcome 962 and very well executed.
Thank you.
Thank you!!!