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Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #3 (8K / 4K)

Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #3 (8K / 4K) 1.1

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Porsche arrived to the 1970's 24 hours of Le Mans with two 917LHs, one assigned to Porsche Konstruktionen Salzburg, the other one arrived to Martini International Racing Team's garage.

The iconic duo of Gérard Larrousse and Willi Kauhsen finished second place with the "Psychedelic Porsche"(aka. "Hippie Car"), securing another podium finish for the German automobile manufacturer in Le Mans.

Quality options:
- 8K ( DDS
- 4K ( DDS
- 4K (DXT5) DDS


Please use the latest skin version (v1.1) with GzeroD's latest base car version (20200425).

Copy the preferred skin folder to: Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\legion_porsche_917lh_70\skins\

Special thanks to:
- GzeroD - for converting the base car (please check the README file)

Studio images:



Ingame images:



Latest updates

  1. Update v1.1

    In cooperation with GzeroD a couple of changes were made on the base mod (3D work by GzeroD, 2D...

Latest reviews

excellent work!
Very Nice. Thank you, BTW what is the font used for the number of the car?
Oops forgot to rate this ;) Absolutely awesome work on this skin. It looks gorgeous and all the extra bits you did add so much more to this. :)
Thanks a lot for keeping both (GzeroD and you) this legendary car to the best ! ;-)
wow... i was looking for this car on monday just to see if it existed in the game... literally the next day you release this! haha THANK YOU
Excellent skin! Very detailed and historically correct. Just what this car needed, thank you very much!

Have you already started on #18 and #21?! Just kidding!
(Well, not really! :) )
'for converting the base car'

I've backported the changes to the model and included a 2K version of the skin.

Very nice work, as always thanks a bunch.

Pure piece of art made with talent, time and.... PASSION ! <3
Take care and stay safe. ;-)
Great car , the 917 Lang Heck ....waiting for this and great skin , thanks
My eyes popped out when selecting the 8k skin. Jawdropping beautiful. Thanks!!
no words...
Love it!
Awesome skin but where's the car? I can't find it anywhere!
Thank you for your rating, please check the bundled PDF file, it contains the site's URL address where you can download the car.
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27.8 MB
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5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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