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Porsche 917/30 Branded Liveries 1.1

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4k and standard resolution skins for the 917/30. These versions have the full branding missing in the official cars.

Thanks to zelimper for his help with producing the liveries.

Latest updates

  1. 4k and standard resolution skins + skin.ini fix

    4k and standard resolution skins for the 917/30. These versions have the full branding missing...

Latest reviews

perfect thanks guys !!!
Thank you..
Thanks a lot!
Thanks, meco and zelimper. :-) Always happy to get the period correct skins.

And congratz for your great 917 as well. It's just a stunning and outstanding model. :-)
must have, thanks!
Perfect, thank you!
Amazing work, thank you!
That's what I call an (un)official blitz-support of a product ;) . Excellent textures for even more excellent 3D model of a car. I hope we'll see some equally well crafted goodies from Your workshop in the future. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Thanks to both off you!:)
A must have addon to really enjoy this more then amazing car. And even in very high resolution! Just awesome, thanks so much!
Thanks a lot Meco and Zelimper! You guys rock. :)
thannks , this is very cool . great to have the oriiginal skin
Thank you so much for these, and caring to include both 2K and 4K versions.
Thank you so much ! ;-)
Missing by default as expected, so thank you for uploading the 'real' versions :)
Thanks for the quick correction, nice to have the proper skins.
Thank you!
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31.3 MB
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5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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