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Porsche 911 RSR World Championship

Porsche 911 RSR World Championship 1.1

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Do you ever dream of running a unique one-make championship series, complete with matching logo's, number boards and other, common themes?

You don't? Oh, well this is awkward.... best click on the back arrow now then.

If you are interested, then I present here a set of 24 liveries I created for the Kunos Porsche 911 RSR 2017. I like creating single make series, I like the Porsche RSR, so this seemed the obvious thing for me to do.

It was also a stupid thing to do as it took me flipping ages.

I designed nearly all the liveries from scratch, I stole one or two from the existing RSR bundle I have uploaded on here already. Some are ok, some are showing the creativity cracks which come with putting a load of different skins together in short space of time. I borrowed a few inspirations from other skins I had created, like one for the Pessio Porknose would you believe, plus a few others from ACC.

I created unique decals and number boards, because I get annoyed with running a race with an unrealistic mixture of Le Mans numbers, IMSA, whatever the DHL one is, all ground together with the odd 24hr Nurburgring thrown in for good measure.

All have the same pit boards as well.

Hope this appeals to others, if not, this has been a colossal waste of time. ;)



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  1. Some corrections & minor tweaks

    I raced this series at the weekend and noticed a few problems - minor issues with decal...

Latest reviews

fantastic work many thanks
Good stuff, I'll test this and if ok I will run this on one of the servers. Thanks a bunch.
No problems, hope they run ok
I am a simple man
I see Castrol
I download
Amazing work!
Fantastic skins, thank you.
Great work, thankyou for sharing with us!

Funny how things turn out, I just installed the ACFAN sound for this car, decided I wanted to use it more, discovered there were limited livery options, wondered if there was someone with a lot more talent and time that had created a livery pack... sometimes the universe (and MrBraindown) delivers!
grazie per il tuo lavoro fantastico che hai condiviso....
Having created my own fictitious racing series before, they are a lot of work and take a lot of dedication. You have done an outstanding job on this set, and I look forward to putting it to use! Keep up the great work.
0k Skins Gracias ;)
awesome mate, really impressive.
if you can do the same for ACC Porsche Cup car you will be my all time hero :)
Holy Moly the sound of this field at the start of the race! Fantastic skins. Time well spent. I'm enjoying these.
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