Porsche 911 RSR - Gelo Racing - John Fitzpatrick - European GT 1975 2016-11-17

livery from the Norisring race

Recent Reviews

  1. K4rBonStig
    Version: 2016-11-17
    Many thanks!
  2. Robin_NL
    Version: 2016-11-17
    Thanks so much. Best skin thus for for the Carrera 3.0RSR imho. I love Fitzpatrick's helmet etc. Is it possible to put that helmet/gloves/clothing into one of the Escorts Mk1 as well? Dunno how that works...Sorry to ask.:) What a skin and what detail. Thanks again. Cheers Robin
    1. LeSunTzu
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I think you just need to edit the skin.ini file of the Escort, replacing the helmet and suit lines by those of the Porsche. Or be a little patient since the next skin I will release is the Fontaine/Fitz Escort ^^
  3. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 2016-11-17
    Looks good , Good work , thanks
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