Porsche 911 GT3 RS paints

Porsche 911 GT3 RS paints 1.0

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Hello RaceDepartment people. It's me, itsDraik, and yeah, im back with a new release. Today I release 5 new paints and 4 re-make of some Kunos paints, adding in total, 9 paints. Adding, of course, new exterior PBR configs and new car paint configs for the paints. And a new add to my paints, is gotta have 2 and 3 new rims colours to the skins, and also adding the mythical "GT3 RS" sticker on the sides of the skins.

Throw the skins into the Porsche 911 GT3 RS skins folder:
Please, don't try to throw them into CM, it doesn't work properly.

The colours that I add are:
- Miami Blue
- Lizard Green (with one of the skins, adding a replica of a "Weissach Package" special skin).
- Black
- Guards Red
- and Voodoo Blue

And re-make of this colours:
- Lava Orange
- GT Silver Metallic
- Ultraviolet
- and White

If you have any issues or sugestions, you can contact me via RaceDepartment private message, or if you have Discord, just DM me: itsDraik#2548.

If you want to use my skins in some server or post it in an another place that i don't recognize, just let me know to me FIRST to see and confirm it where you gotta post it, telling me in my Discord DM or in RaceDepartment Private messages

Please, if you gotta use one of my "ext_config", please, as the text before, advice me before making anything without my permission.

If you want to donate me for this work, please donate via this PayPal link.

Disclaimer 1: this skins they need the latest update of CSP (v.0.1.61) to work good. Please, don't use any outdated CSP version, because they aren't gotta work).

Disclaimer 2: The skin look of the CM Showroom doesn't have any coincidence with the In-game one. Just an advice. Some examples of it (sorry for the quality).
Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt3_rs_spa_24-4-120-14-12-27-min.png Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt3_rs_ks_nurburgring_31-4-120-16-18-19-min.png

Well, for my part, gotta leave this here. itsDraik out!
Now gotta leave some preview pics. The "GT3 RS" sticker looks fine in-game. In this preview edits i cut it, to show that the same skin has different selections to choose. Please, take a reminder of that.

preview-miami-blue.png preview-miami-blue-rear.png preview-lizard-green.png preview-lizard-green-rear.png preview-white.png preview-gt-silver-metallic-rear.png preview-ultraviolet.png preview-lava-orange.png preview-lava-orange-rear.png preview-black.png preview-guards-red.png preview-guards-red-rear.png preview-voodoo-blue.png
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