Porsche 911 GT3-R 2016 Sound Mod

Porsche 911 GT3-R 2016 Sound Mod 1.1

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Fantastic update, thank you very much!
Just amazing, super job dude !! A question could you do the same with the Mazda 787B, its engine sound is so bad :-(
I can try. As soon as I get through my backlog of cars
You got it better than ACC ...
Awesome thanks
Fantastic !!!!
I think that the internal Engine note-sound is a not loud enough, if it was a little louder i think it would be perfect! Everything else is spot on especially the external
Thanks for the feedback!
Great job!
That onboard stuff with lot of low revs action could be also useful for fine tuning procedures
Thanks very much
Great work! Externals are spot on. But for the internals, I still prefer (and use) the Fonsecker ones.
First, thank you for your effort, the exterior is really good and perfect. However, the internal sound indeed is quite off from the original. I think Fonsecker still has the best onboard sound, his is really spot on. So your externals and his internals would make the best GT3 R sound mod in my opinion.
I also want to thank you for your contribution really good job
Awesome work! I have a problem with the external sound during the replay, it only feels when the car is near, it only happens to me?
If you're running a lot of cars in a race then that happens to all of them.

Otherwise I'm sorry I'm not sure how to fix the problem you're having
Awesome work! I really like the low and midrange RPMs. I find the upper end near 8500 RPM to be a bit loud and high pitched.
Pefect! Thanks!
superrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The exterior sound is very accurate, that's excellent.
But the interior in my opinion is very distorted.
It's interesting. Little to much noise covering up the engine sound. Still good for a change. I'll keep the old sfx on file.
Fantastic update, thanks a lot!
Excellent mate , Great!!! Best thank´s !!!
Great sounds, thank you!
super sounds
This is excellent from you @ACFAN! Wishing you well for the year ahead!
Also seen your Huracan and R8 GT3 car sound mods but there's one that really needs a reboot . . .
Would you be able to do the BMW Z4 GT3? I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves the meaty V8 in that car. Wondering if you could because as much as I love Fonsecker's sound mod for it, even that is pretty out-dated, and I'm sure you can do a great job of such an under rated GT3 car.
I'll absolutely consider it!
5 stars
sounds like music to my ears. good job keep it up please .. is there any chance you will be modding the sound for the GT3 Cup 2017?
Much better than the default sound!
Fantastic work....Thank you very much for improving your sounds again.
That's very good, but I have a question! Why doesn't nobody change the sound of the original F1 cars?
Glad you like the sound. Imo the only F1 car which needs a mod is the sf15-t. The others are pretty spot on imo
I have to say, this mod gives me goosebumps when I go throught tunnels and canyons like Black Cat County, it's ****ing insane that eco on cockpit view
Great job, thank you!
IMO the best 911 GT3 R sound. Fonsecker sound is very good but this one is more accurate. Especially the external. It has the characteristic scratchy scream . Audi, Lambo and RSR are perfect. You need to do all gt3 and gte cars! keep on the good work!
Transmission sound still too high, it's like a hand blender :). Even Fonsecker's version has the same problem. Despite that, good work mate.
This is, This is... I can't even describe this feeling deep within my heart. I... I love it. By far, the BEST sounding mod I've heard in my life. The resemblance to the real thing is unreal! You should have ran this around daytona road course where the Engine could really let loose cause my god this here is a masterpiece.
Thanks for the feedback! Getting even better in the next update!
I don't know, compared to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7I2gmW0Yvo&index=189&list=WL&

It still sounds too brutal
Wunderbar! You've even got that subtle "plop" between gears on the upshifts.