Porsche 911 GT3-R 2016 Sound Mod

Porsche 911 GT3-R 2016 Sound Mod 1.0

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brillant, thanks a lot
What a genius you are. Many thanks for sharing your fantastic work.
Amazing job!
I love that Sound Mod, big thanks for that <3
The straight cut gears are the REAL SH*T MAN ASDAS I LOVE THIS MOD
i wish there was an easy way to rate all your work with 5 stars.
Absolutely amazing
just wow!
Superior to any other sound mod I've seen for this car! Very realistic.
Brilliant, I'm fortunate in that I have driven one of these for real and this is pretty damned close. Great work thanks
Really really well done! I love the song of the straight cut gears.

My apology if what I write next is inappropriate, but I found no ways to contact you. (You seem to prevent anyone from sending you a message.) And I cannot update my review on the RSR sound mod, so I have to post it here. The following is my question about the RSR sound mod:

As you might notice as well, the cockpit sound is different from the dash sound. Since I prefer the dash sound, I was wondering if I can let the dash sound play while I drive in cockpit view. (I use triple screens so the dash cam is really not good)

I tried to play with the GUID file. However, I only see the _int and _ext suffix after each sound event. I tried to switch them but I only got muffed external sound. Hence I got lost. Is there anyway to migrate the dash sound to the cockpit cam? All the sound samples are there so the only thing left to do is the mapping. What do you think?

Thanks so much for your help and your awesome work.
Ah, just saw this here now.

I need to check my profile settings. Not sure why people can't send me messages. I'll check and change as appropriate.

But in case of any doubt, I'll always try my best to keep on top of anything posted in the support threads of any of my mods.

Sometimes I miss the reviews especially if I get multiple in a short period of time.
Fantastic, best sound ive heared so far
This guys the new Fondsecker!
Man! You killing me....
i have listen onboard 911r 2016 and its the same !!!!
Iam so exciting by sgc003 coming so many years that iam waiting for...
out of this world love it.
Double wammy for the day, simply awesome! ACFAN, I have all your sounds I think, can you list your cars so I can mark them in CM? Go to's for sound quality ;)
Thanks. I've done

Porsche 911 RSR 2017
Porsche 911 gt3 r
BMW z4 gt3
Nissan gtr gt3
Vrc formula NA 2018 and 12
Zonda r
Corvette c7. R
Huracan gt3
Audi r8 lms 2016
Audi rs4 avant
Ford transit
Fantastic update, thank you very much!
Just amazing, super job dude !! A question could you do the same with the Mazda 787B, its engine sound is so bad :-(
I can try. As soon as I get through my backlog of cars
You got it better than ACC ...
Awesome thanks
Fantastic !!!!
I think that the internal Engine note-sound is a not loud enough, if it was a little louder i think it would be perfect! Everything else is spot on especially the external
Thanks for the feedback!
Great job!
That onboard stuff with lot of low revs action could be also useful for fine tuning procedures
Thanks very much
Great work! Externals are spot on. But for the internals, I still prefer (and use) the Fonsecker ones.
First, thank you for your effort, the exterior is really good and perfect. However, the internal sound indeed is quite off from the original. I think Fonsecker still has the best onboard sound, his is really spot on. So your externals and his internals would make the best GT3 R sound mod in my opinion.
I also want to thank you for your contribution really good job
Awesome work! I have a problem with the external sound during the replay, it only feels when the car is near, it only happens to me?
If you're running a lot of cars in a race then that happens to all of them.

Otherwise I'm sorry I'm not sure how to fix the problem you're having
Awesome work! I really like the low and midrange RPMs. I find the upper end near 8500 RPM to be a bit loud and high pitched.
Pefect! Thanks!
superrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The exterior sound is very accurate, that's excellent.
But the interior in my opinion is very distorted.
It's interesting. Little to much noise covering up the engine sound. Still good for a change. I'll keep the old sfx on file.
Fantastic update, thanks a lot!
Excellent mate , Great!!! Best thank´s !!!
Great sounds, thank you!
super sounds
This is excellent from you @ACFAN! Wishing you well for the year ahead!
Also seen your Huracan and R8 GT3 car sound mods but there's one that really needs a reboot . . .
Would you be able to do the BMW Z4 GT3? I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves the meaty V8 in that car. Wondering if you could because as much as I love Fonsecker's sound mod for it, even that is pretty out-dated, and I'm sure you can do a great job of such an under rated GT3 car.
I'll absolutely consider it!
5 stars
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