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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 - MATTE ed. ORANGE | HOTLAP CHALLENGE 2.0

"Here are the keys. The track opens at 08a.m. and there's a car waiting for you... "

  1. Francisco Rua

    preview.jpg After 392 downloads in 7 days, I'm happy and proud so I created a challenge for you guys!

    From Sim Racing Series, this Paint is made exclusively for this event but hey, once you have it, its yours ;)

    Description of the event:
    "Hello SimDriver!
    Let's see if you really are serious and accurate... Here are the keys. The track opens at 08a.m. and there is a car waiting for you... "

    Be the fastest and win a customised paint!

    Favourite car in a favourite track, what are you waiting for?

    EVENT: HOTLAP Challenge
    CAR: Porsche GT3 Cup 2017
    From: 25-Oct-2017
    To: 02-Nov-2017 23:59 GMT.

    check here for +info and go HOTLAPING now!

    p.s.: Keep sharing the love and if you like please donate.

    I'll be waiting for feedback people! Thanks!
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