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Porsche 911 GT3 - 2019 Icebreak / Virgin Australia 1.1

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Copy the Porsche_911_GT3_R_2018 into the below directory:

Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings

- the front windscreen number is on the wrong side - (to keep out of the way of position lights)
- the tear-off tabs are to high compared to real life - (to keep out of the way of position lights)
- the car ran Pirelli tires in real life (I personally hate seeing liveries that run stickers that don't match tires, but oh well, cant change the tires that i know of on these cars yet)
- I did a Michelin decals version to match tires BUT stuffed if i could work out how to get a 2nd ALTERNATE skin to work, so gave up.

This was my first (and possibly last) RF2 skin.

Rob Fitness
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  1. .rcd added

    don'y have a grasp on RF2 yet as this was my first anything in a rfactor title and forgot the .rcd

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Great job, thanks for sharing with us.
What is it, maybe I'm crazy? I do not understand, there is a section of cars, there is a section of skins ...? Why is it here?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
its a skin, dont worry, im not doing anymore RF2 skins
Great work.
Looks awesome. I had to correct the rcd file as mentioned in the support thread.
Great that you put the rcd. file to your mod. Thank you very much.
Awesome skin, thx!
Thank You

Maybe pack *rcd one level down ( some may miss it as read me gives no mention....... no biggie
Great work and thank you for sharing.
Great work
Looks fantastic so far but how can I install this beauty? Would be awesome to get a feedback from you.
Thanks for sharing your great work.
no *.rcd file

Why ? it makes only work for the user
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
Because I don’t understand RF2 . Hence probably my last