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Porsche 911 Cup RSR 3.0L 2.9

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Porsche Cup RSR from 1974

Use this for the realfeel plz.


540° and 14° ingame seems good.
Reduce rear toe-in to 0.10 or less to improve handling.

Have fun with this great car ;-)

PS : uses reiza82 rfm slot
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Latest updates

  1. HDV update and some small fixes

    Hi all, Mod updated to version 2.9. Updates/Fixes: - HDV updated, now adjustable ingame...
  2. Tire and brake adjustments

    Hi everyone. Some improvements made by Renato Simioni: - no more blocking wheels when braking...
  3. Physics updated

    Hi all. Well, first, many thanks to Renato Simioni who helped me about what is really a GT from...

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Brilliant fun. A right handful to drive quickly, but worth it.
Great car and a real challenge to get it right. Thank you
Awesome fun!
Norman Bruce
Best mod out there
It's brilliant! Get this if you haven't already!
By far my favorite car for GSC!
*Does anyone know what track is used in the screenshots?
Patrick Giranthon
There are 3. Which screenshot?
Quality work.
To me it was 30 has just the steering rack. This is Exciting,It is difficult for me, but fun! thank you.
This is a awesome mod ! Really enjoying it. So much, i made a video of it. Hope you like it.
Patrick Giranthon
Excellent. I thought first images were real ^^
Your limiter is really high. Did you change the engine specs?
Merci Patrick
Jeffery Naylor
Now that's a great mod! Good job! Thank you!
Pure joy on wheels. Thank you, I hope there are more mods like these coming!
This mod reminds me of when I did hillclimbs in my MGB GT in the early 70's. Great feel.
Patrick Giranthon
I have converted 2 hillclimbs too. Give a look at them ;-)
If gearbox has not short ratios enough, Tell me.
excellent mod!!!!
Great Mod, GJ
So very nice. Totally in lust. Thank you so much for this!!
A handfull to drive and the best to train/learn heel and toe. Great work and keep them coming. Pleeeeeease. Thank you very much for all your recent work.
PS: On the Ring (Invulnerability On) was driving with my a simulator (T500).
Very well done. It's a pleasure to drive. The physics/handling is very high quality imo.
Great mod. GSC just keep getting better. Thanks!