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Polo Challenge 2013 1.0

Polo Challenge 2013 for Race07/GTRevo including the Polo GTI from 2009 and 38 Skins

  1. Sven Hielscher
    Polo Challenge 2013
    Version 1.0 on 02/08/2016 by FuNK!


    One car model (VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009) with 38 drivers/skins in total, templates and CarViewer (to preview your custom skins). The package contains all files and two readme-versions (this text version and one html version).

    The Car:
    The car model is a closely modeled version of the VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009. But because of various issues the physics are just lend from the Mini Challenge (Race07 base content) with just some slight adjustments. Anyhow the engine and gearbox were replaced with engine and gearbox based on the real Polo GTI!
    Similar to the physics some 3D and 2D parts have to be lend from the base game. So the cockpit and some general textures were taken from STCC2's VW Scirocco. See the license statement for further comments on this.


    Simply put the GameData and UIData folders into your Race/GTREvo Folder (e.g.: 'C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07\').
    Please remove any older version first (may no problem overwriting the old files but safety first!).
    No files should get overwritten if you are making a fresh installation of the mod.

    Delete the folders called "VW_Polo_Cup" from GameData\Teams and GameData\Talent. Next step is to delete the
    following files from the UIData\Menu\textures folder:
    - MenuButton_ClassSelect_VW_POLO_CUP_Disabled.tga
    - MenuButton_ClassSelect_VW_POLO_CUP_MouseOver.tga
    - MenuButton_ClassSelect_VW_POLO_CUP_Normal.tga

    Find out more via tirewall.net (German) and read the full readme on the special readme-site (Englisch)

    Have great fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Dean
    Tony Dean
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for a great mod. Loaded easily and worked straight away
  2. SVP Skins
    SVP Skins
    Version: 1.0
    Just tried the mod and it doesn't load the cars. when i go to track it only loads my car. I've tried chancing the Model ID 4-5 times with no luck.
    1. Sven Hielscher
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment. Anyhow you should have used the support thread before you give a rating. It's a bit unfair towards the authors to not give them the chance to offer support beforehand (because maybe the error isn't related to their work). So I would like to ask you to put your requests into the support thread so we are able to find a solution ;)
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