[PLUGIN]Portable Save Toilet 0.2

Add portable toilet that you can take with you and save anywhere.

  1. wolf_vx
    Adds portable toilet that you can save at and carry with you around.

    Have you ever been in a situation where car broke down and no toilet to save at but real life call you? Well, guess what? If you bring this puppy with you, you can save any time any where. And don't you worry, he will say where you last left him ;)

    20171203174855_1.jpg 20171203175258_1.jpg

    Requires MSC Mod Loader 0.3.x

    1. Extract PortableSaveToilet.zip into your mods directory, possibly Documents/MySummerCar/Mods, steamapps/common/My Summer Car/mods, or AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car/Mods, depending on how you installed MSCModLoader.

    Change log
    ver 0.2
    Updated to MSC ModLoader 0.3.5
    Implemented EasyHooksAPI​
    ver 0.1
    Initial Upload​

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Recent Reviews

  1. GottesLinkeH0de
    Version: 0.2
    Wow this is amazing, now i can stand up from pc when i want
  2. Sharpshotz
    Version: 0.2
    good but in the console it always says please enable use assets or something like that in red
    1. wolf_vx
      Author's Response
      Yep, my bad, my API is the one to blame. Will be fixing it soon
  3. xTurboChainx
    Version: 0.2
  4. Turbocom
    Version: 0.1
    ha ha ha a bit of a funny fashion XD, but still very useful!
  5. ryry02
    Version: 0.1
    very good love it can make textures and more round other than that its lit
    1. wolf_vx
      Author's Response
      Thanks!. Didn't make the texture or mesh xD. Just used free stuff that I found on the internet. If anyone wants to make it, I will replace it
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