[PLUGIN] Noclip

[PLUGIN] Noclip 1.3.1

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Here comes my first ever mod:
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This mod works with modloader 0.2 :thumbsup:

NOCLIP MOD for MSC by haverdaden (DD)

######## USES ########

Screenshots of cars etc.
Explore the map
Testing your mods
Search for lost car parts
You tell me...

1. Make sure you have MSCModloader installed.
1.2 if not go here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/msc-mod-loader-0-2.15339/
2. Put MscNoclip.dll in ...\Documents\MySummerCar\Mods folder
3. Run the game
4. Ingame by default press CTRL + N to enable Noclip.
5. To turn off Noclip just do 4. again.
6. Use CTRL + B to open settings menu for custom speed.

######## HOTKEYS ########

When you have enabled Noclip.

FlyForward: W
FlyBack: S
FlyLeft A
FlyRight: D
FlyUp: Q
FlyDown: E

Snail Speed: HOLD ALT

Enable/Disable: CTRL + N
Settings Menu: CTRL + B

Update 1.3.0 - You'll now fly where the player is looking. You can disable this in noclip settings.

You are now able to buy me a coffee :) https://www.paypal.me/haverdaden

I'm sorry for making the hotkeys hardcoded. This is my first mod for MSC and first mod ever and
the modloader's keybindings didn't want to stay pressed down so I did it in my own way.

I'm going back to uni and will move towards game development for now. Therefore I've decided to make all my mods open-source. Feel free to update and use as educational resource. https://github.com/haverdaden/MSC_Playground
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Latest updates

  1. Added popup text when enabled and disabled

    1.3.1 Small update. + Added popup text when enabled and disabled
  2. Follow Camera, Modloader 0.2 fix, Removed rotate camera

    1.3.0 Removed rotate camera as it was not working well. Changed flying behavior. Player will now...
  3. 1.2.0 Ability to modify speed TURBO and Snail key. Experimental: Rotate Camera.

    1.2.0 Added ability to modify speed for TURBO key in settings. Added ability to modify speed for...
  4. Update: Added settings gui and snail speed

    New in 1.1.0: Added SnailSpeed. Added GUI speed settings menu. (CTRL + B).

Latest reviews

brilliant mod, its perfect for when you don't want to just take a long drive to some places or take different cars to places (using grab anything mod).
Dont work
doesnt work outdated
Very usefull
<33 But update for new version
It does not work with newly updated versions
This mod requires an update.
I love this mod the most.
was good after new update shows up doesnt work
I really love this mod. you need to update it now. Nothing really happens when i click on CTRL and N or when i press CTRL And B. Could you please find out why it's not working? I'd love if you fixed it! Thanks
best but doesnt work after new update
ultra nice mod we no need updates
WOW, it has been 1 and a half years since the last update for this mod, and it still works on the latest version of the game. It is indestructible!!! :)
Excellent and very useful tool. Also love the swearing every time you noclip, it really sets the mood lol.
Great mod! Always keep on losing **** in the map.. found even my van back!
Thanks !
It's good but, when are you going to do a version of this mod for Modloader v. 0.3 ?
Works perfect! Just need MSCLoader then launch game and Mod folder is created to put plugin. I hope this help me to find suitcase when drunken guy reveal me the lotery history... but that give awesome views of map for now. Huge thanks to dev