[PLUGIN]MobilePhone Reloaded

[PLUGIN]MobilePhone Reloaded 2.0.7

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This is a re-upload of the MobilePhone mod updated to the latest version. All credit should go to the original developer.
If original developer wants I will delete this upload. Until then I will take over the development for him. Its a shame to see good mods die.
* Permission to re-uploaded granted by zamp *

Requires MSC Mod Loader 0.3.x

>>>>> IF YOU HAVE MobilePhoneReloaded.dll IN YOUR MODS FOLDER, REMOVE IT! <<<<<<<
  1. Extract MobilePhoneReloaded.zip into your mods directory, possibly Documents/MySummerCar/Mods, steamapps/common/My Summer Car/mods, or AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car/Mods, depending on how you installed MSCModLoader.
Change log
ver 2.0.7
Returned ID and Name to original for easy replacement (captain Mod Loader-san's orders)
ver 2.0.6-1
Fixed the folder issue.
ver 2.0.6
Updated to latest MSC Mod Loader 0.3.4​

License "Do Whatever You Want" is included with the download as requested by the original developer.

Below is the original post.
How to install:
  1. Make sure you have MSC Mod Loader
  2. Unzip to your mods directory

Check my other mods out too!

Latest updates

  1. [PLUGIN]MobilePhone Reloaded

    Returned Name and ID back to original for easy replacement (captain Mod Loader-san's orders).
  2. [PLUGIN]MobilePhone Reloaded

    Fixed the folder issue.

Latest reviews

Update required, fix bundle
Thanks, i really like the mod, it is one of the "must have" ones.

Now, a bit of technical feedback: after the MSCLoader' 1.0.1 update the assets are not getting loaded, with game's console spamming "Mobile Phone mod loading assetbundle..."
and then "Error: Mod MobilePhone has been disabled!
Because it thrown too many errors!
Report this problem to mod author."

Looks like it needs a bit of patching! =)
+Mr.Fordsteam01. Place the MobilePhone folder in the assets folder. That should fix the problem!
Says it missing Windows Bundle and won't load, I would love to have this mod and if i can get some help i would give 5 stars. Thanks!
Does this work if the original phone is not plugged in the wall or if your house is burned??
Pls update mod! thx
Phone is Standard Placed On the Oven In Your House
To Respawn your Phone Delete The File :
If you got an Copy of it Place it in or Dowload again
I dont know where to find the phone :(
looks cool though!
I Need Help I Lost The Phone In The Original One And I Downloaded This And Its Still Gone Deleted Phone.xml its still not there and when i try to delete i again the phone.xml is not there anymore help please
Good mod but please add a phone holder that can attach on satsuma and you can put the phone on it
It seems to be missing assets called bundle-windows for me and it won't work.
Update it. This doesn't work. I want this mod
With that kind of attitude you won't get anything.
It's great, especially when I want to take the drunk guy home without having to sit at home until 2 AM :)
Thanks Alot !
Mostly i forget the phone, but it works fine!
Thanks for keeping it up to date :)
Glad to help
Just installed? On the fire place in the living room.
Lost it after using it? Delete mobile phone.xml from save game folder.
I have one question. Does mobile phone still work, eaven if you dont pay electricity bills?
Haven't tested that but as fast as I know, it won't work. But stay tuned, I will work on this feature and if house burns down.
It is a nice Mod but I cant found the Phone. I play the newest version of MSC. And I lost it in the original version. If this is the problem how can I solve it?
go to your save game folder and delete mobilephone.xml. it will spawn back at fireplace

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