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[PLUGIN] GAZ 24 Volga

[PLUGIN] GAZ 24 Volga 1.0.4

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Probably first thing to say is what car it is: middle size 4 door sedan with inline 4 cylinders engine and leaf spring suspension on back, which are was exported to Finland. This by the way fits description of car, which will be in My Winter Car, so this mod is completely realistic and atmospheric.

Since 2016 I periodically try to make a car mod, but since result did not suit me, past attempts ended up in recycle bin. This mod also was one foot in a recycle bin, but I decided to finish it. In some things I stuck into limitations of Mod Loader (playmakers for example), some things I didn’t do to save FPS. But this is best mod in category of replacing/adding a new car that you saw.

Initially car is near the house.

Body and interior color can be changed in Assets\GAZ24 folder.

License plates can be changed in regplate.png that located in Assets\GAZ24 folder.
Or you can hide it by deleting regplate.png.

Models, textures and sounds from DayZ SA.

Known Issues:
1. Automatic transmission - this is fail with choose base to replace. But overall this is not a clean first generation, also author of model put a model of engine from Niva, so enjoy custom work of father/grandfather (very common for these cars);
2. If mirrors not work - you need load game with enabled mirrors in game settings;
3. Some people have problem with doors. If you have this problem - enable "Crutch door fix" (wrong opening pivot, but correct rotation) in plugin settings menu (left CTRL + M in game) and restart game. Also in plugin settings menu available sounds and handling from Ferndale and reset position and fuel.

Version 1.0.4 will work only on experimental game branch

How to install:

0. You need have Mod Loader
1. Copy with replace GAZ24.dll and Assets folder to Mod Loader mods folder

My GitHub(source)

My other mods
File size
17.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 79 ratings

More resources from Roman266

Latest updates

  1. 1.0.4

    Updated for latest experimental game branch.
  2. 1.0.3

    -Slightly changed initially position; -Fixed not working turn signals; -In plugin settings (left...
  3. 1.0.2

    -Fixed that after saving the game, objects that were in the car will be on the ground; -Fixed...
  4. 1.0.1

    Improved materials.

Latest reviews

The car turns into the ferndale but not like the fury where it teleports into the ferndale
Is this mod broken?
"Mod threw too many errors" not the latest experimental cuz i have it non steam please tell me what to do
Please fix this: mod thrown too many errors latest experimental
Good mod but need update because mod doesn't work latest version.
Mod doesnt work: mod thrown too many errors (latest experimental)
It keeps saying that the mod has thrown too many errors
Very Cool Mod, works fine, but how do I clean the car?
Translate this to your language. Jak wchodze do gry na konsoli pokazuje mi GAZ24 disabled because it throw too many errors. Help
How do I drive it?
great mod but you can u open the hood?
Great mod dont know how you do it but its good please update for the most recent update
Great car, with amazing detail! Could there be a way to make it clean though, instead of all beat up and old?
Very nice car. Is it actually possible to take Jokke in the car?
Arma wheels would do to be honest
Looks great, but when I put it in Mods folder and launch the game the mod just disappears.
Cool mod
It's good, but maybe remove the aged-look to it and make it look new. Also when I start my save game from scratch the GAZ 24 Volga isn't showing up where it should be, so help.
Save game.
Bugs - Back doors, and RPM metter in the air, and ferdnale sound (yep, i use setting for fix this, but still no workig.) MSC Ver from 26.11.19
I can say only that version 1.0.4 of this mod for currently experimental game branch and 1.0.3 for currently main game branch, I not know what is 26.11.19
cool idea. can u make more power and fix rpm.
In plugin settings menu available handling from Ferndale
The mod is great but the only downside is the auto trans which is understandable but hopefully it gets a manual trans script or something.
Its a great car. but i dont think volgas had 3 speed automatic transmission.........
I can't do manual transmission.........
Would it be possible to play the mod on the new modlader version and would it be possible for the man to open the hood?
It made for actual version of Mod Loader. No.
amazing, after update it works now
its good, but, can you add this car some power? i dont want racing car but now its pretty slow. I know, its old car but can you do it? :)
In plugin settings menu (left CTRL + M in game) available handling from Ferndale.

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