[PLUGIN] Custom Hayosiko Skin 1.0

Custom Hayosiko Skin mod

  1. DarkKostas
    MSC_pic.png 20171026005908_1.jpg
    Do you want your very own skin on Hayosiko?
    Then simply install this mod using ModLoader

    At the Assets folder you can edit the "hayosiko.png" file and paint it as you want. The "hayosikoL.png" is for the Left Door and IT'S NOT NECESSARY TO EXIST. It's only there if you want some text(like the example) so you can mirror it and show properly in-game ;)

    The skin will load both files(or just one if you don't use the L one) automatically on load. You can also use CTRL+L to reload it while playing. You can change that by editing mod settings at CTRL+M
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Recent Reviews

  1. beedeetwelve
    Version: 1.0
    I'd love it if you (or anyone!) would widen this to include other vehicles, haha. I hate having to mess around retexturing them whenever the game updates.
  2. Thydeus
    Version: 1.0
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