[PLUGIN] Русификатор текста / Russian language

[PLUGIN] Русификатор текста / Russian language 2.0.9

No permission to download
Русификатор хороший, только когда я установил версию 2.0.8, при запуске игры в консоли пишет что мод ExtraTranslate отключен из-за кучи ошибок.
В описании красным выделено.
разговор с бабушкой не до конца переведён,и с девушкой
Скриншоты есть?
Отличный мод!
Не могу поставить больше скачал русфикатор даже мол лоадер , не знаю как на русском правильно писать. Вот захожу в игру жму Ctrl + M или в Esk с праву с низу виден мод, жму на него там виден руссфикатор но нету перевода потребностей да вообще не чего не переведено.
спасибо за апдейт.
лучший мод
спасибо большое
Good work!)
Что за ошибка? https://i.imgur.com/QlMY9xX.png
이거 어떻게사용해요?
fine now I understand everything thanks a lot!
It is necessary to translate grandmother's talk. She is on the phone to ask her to bring milk, sugar, sausages or raw/grilled pike.
This is a good mod but can you make greece?? translate i would love to see that..
Many thanks to you!
this translation is cool but pls make german translation
nice mod but please upload hungarian translations i like english but it feels nice to see games being hungarian
Great god, can you add a Chinese language? Thank you.
I want Lithuania
Спасибо !
Could you pls make German Subtitles as well ? :/ ?
i want bulgarian subtitle.
Do it.
Translated to polish, but I have small problem, I can't use the polish litters like żółćąźń, how can I transfer it to the game?
Also, Is it possbile to translate items?
You're a little mistaken.
You use plugin made by Chrome, not mine. Plugin by Chrome use game font, that not support non latin letters. My plugin use standart unity font, that support non latin letters(I checked, polish too). But my plugin is not as perfect as plugin by Chrome.
I not have any idea, how to normal translate items.
My summer car with Brasilian Translate yay
At last My Summer Car will spreads all over the world!
You should try to decode it into Croatian language, just try it!
Roman266 its the best modder of my summer car
i like it, this plagin is works!
Spanish Please? I am from Venezuela but I speak English: p
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