Pitvoice 1.2

Use your voice to pit

  1. Marocco2
    PitVoice - Created By Marocco2, forked from NAGP


    Put the folder "apps" and the folder "content" in your AC installation folder
    Set your hotkey: go to PitVoice folder app, open Settings.ini and write your kotkey for voice recognizion.
    Set your resolution: Open Settings.ini and choose your resolution.
    Start AC
    Go to settings - general and activate PitVoice

    Go to a Multiplayer server
    Select PitVoice app on your app list

    You can use this in two ways:
    Manually request what pitstop consists by select checkboxes on PitVoice app
    Push the hotkey and start talking: "box, supersoft, 3 liters, repair body" or "pit voice, soft tyres and 5 litres of fuel" or just "soft, body, 7 liters"

    After that, go to pit. It automatically sets up your pitstop. No key to push!! :D

    - 1920x1080
    - 5760x1080 (wip)

    - Only English and Italian is supported

    If you want add your resolution:
    - install AutoHotKey
    - open Window Spy
    - Write down the mouse position (absolute) in each button of ac pit menu.
    - Send a message to support page

    What has my voice record sent?

    Your voice record will send to wit.ai platform. More people uses this app, better will be the recogniziment. The audio file is no longer than 10s.

    What languages it recognize?

    Currently only English and Italian is supported. There will be more languages in next updates.

    Why doesn't the app recognize my voice?

    Try to speak a good English or Italian and make sure the mic is not too near the speakers. Best performance are with headsets.
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Recent Reviews

  1. thebosswr
    Version: 1.2
    Really good concept but instructions to setup are not detailed enough. I believe this mod has the ability to be accepted by Assetto Corsa but it needs to be able to be setup up easily
    1. Marocco2
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing. Unfortunately, this app is abandoned and no support is avaiable due to new AC pit stop system. Thanks again :)
  2. Kakusso
    Version: 1.2
    Great Concept
  3. Hawke
    Version: 1.2
    Would give more Stars, but your instructions are terrible. Pls make it more detailed. Just donĀ“t know how to set the hotkey, so i cant get it to work. Otherwise really nice Mod thanks
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