Pirelli Tyres for the RSS Formula 1990

Pirelli Tyres for the RSS Formula 1990 1.0

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Based upon the Pirelli tyres used by 6 teams in the 1990 F1 season.

This is my first proper attempt at making custom liveries for Assetto Corsa, hence why the preview uses a livery I was testing with, and then wanted to make Pirelli tyres for.

To use just paste the .dds files into the skin folder which you want to use it on.

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J Andrews
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seems to be good, but how do i install it to the game? to which folder should i unpack it? please help
J Andrews
J Andrews
It just needs to go directly into the "\rss_formula_1990\skins" folder you want it on, so say you want to put them on the default #1 Formula Red you'd put it in "assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_formula_1990\skins\01_formula_red".

There are ways to make it so that you could apply it to all cars, as Kamiklaasie's Good Year Eagle mod does, but I'm not quite experienced enough for that, and I also wanted it to be used by people making 1990 F1 skins to be raced against their historical Good Year counterparts. Additionally if you are already using Kamiklaasie's mod you will need to remove it, or at least remove the ext_config.ini file from "\rss_formula_1990\extension" , as I believe that overwrites all the tyres for individual skins, hence why it's easier to install. This having been my first proper attempt at skinning, I did run into this problem when testing the tyres initially.
Thanks. Good stuff.
What were the six teams that used them?
J Andrews
J Andrews
Motor Racing Development (Brabham-Judd)
Scuderia Italia (Dallara-Ford)
EuroBrun Racing

Out of these only Tyrrell and Brabham would score any points. Tyrrell with 16 coming 5th in the championship but way behind Williams in 4th with their 57. Brabham would only finish with 2 for joint 9th alongside Arrows, rounding out the last of the points finishing constructors.

Of the rest EuroBrun had joined F1 in 1988, but 1990 would be their final season. Between their two cars In 1988 they had never finished higher than 12th, they finished a race on only 8 occasions (one not classified), they retired 10 times and Did Not Qualify or Pre-Qualify on 12 occasions. In 1989 they only entered one car but did not qualify for a single race, in fact they only pre-qualified for Brazil that year but still didn't make it onto the grid. In 1990 they would run two cars, but their second driver Claudio Langes would not get out of pre-qualifying at all that year, Roberto Moreno would do better, but only pre-qualified for 4 races and only qualified for two where he retired from San Marino and finished 13th in the US. The team officially pulled out of F1 after they failed to get into qualifying at Spain, leaving the championship with two races left in the season.

Scuderia Italia that year had better success than EuroBrun (not that it's difficult to do) but in 1990 never scored points and only finished in 6 races that season between two cars, their highest finish being 10th, and they had a car disqualified in France where Andrea de Cesaris' car was deemed underweight, and they failed to qualify at 3 races that season.

French team Osella would also see their final year in 1990, running only a single car they finished in only 4 races retired from 5 and failed to qualify or pre-qualify 7 times, they would however see out the season before it would become Fondmetal for the 1991 season.

Minardi, much like Scuderia Italia, would see a mixed season of retirements and finishes (sans points) with a small number of DNQs comparatively. Amongst this list Minardi would last the longest before becoming Toro Rosso in 2006, and is now succeeded by AlphaTauri.

Brabham would pull out of F1 in 1992 after 30 years in the sport, 2 WCCs and 4 WDCs. 1 time WCC and 3 time WDC winner Tyrrell would go on to become BAR for 1999, then Honda in 2006, before becoming the championship winning Brawn GP in 2009 and then the now dominant Mercedes from 2010 onwards.

Apologies for this becoming so long, I had meant only to give a small bit of info on each team and how they did that season, as some are on the more obscure side and the EuroBrun experience was such a trainwreck I just had to run through it.
They definitely look the part. Nice work!