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Pirelli Podium Cap Black & Red Edition 1.0

Pirelli Podium Cap Black & Red Edition for your career character

  1. stingingvortex
    Hi Everyone

    I had a request to make the Pirelli Podium cap for your own character in Career mode.

    There is 2 Models

    * Black Pirelli Podium Cap
    * Red Pirelli Podium Cap

    This attempt was the closest I can get to the original, Hope you like it, for more info on the installation please see below:

    For Manual installation, please use following instructions

    |F1 2018 \asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\incardriver\2018
    incar drivers.ERP

    There will be no further updates on the current Files

    Enjoy :D my_career_cap Pirelli 2.png my_career_cap Pirelli.png my_career_cap Pirelli Red Edition.png my_career_cap Pirelli Red Edition_2.png
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