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Pirelli P Zero Premium Edition - F1 2014 - F1 2013 1.7

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Amazing mod.
good ?but can you re made a mod Where the color of tires is less important because other mod with tyre hd are deleted . Exemple :
What a great tyre mod
Muito Obrigado as always Vlaso.... This and your STORM 3 makes the game much more appealing and realistic... Thanks for all your beautifull work... If possible I would like to offer you a coffee with paypal ... Not much, but only for thank the hard work you do for the whole community
thank you friend! let's see if the 2015 will still be released, as paypal on my blog has reference to it, thanks!
Thanks a lot for this fantastic mod !
AMAZING attention to detail vlasovas, hugely realistic compared to real life pictures of tyre wear.....Awesome job!!
mate thank you! have a good time!
Really great work,thx!:)))
gr8 work...thx
just one question: Why "blur 10 and Blur 60"? wich the difference? great mod man
In the discussions , and the review had people with different tastes in this regard , read the post and you will understand , is the way that the tire stripes appear to run
It's beautiful ... thank you so much!!
This is definitely the best version of this mod! Thank You
My thanks to all, every one of you guys!
Professional work! Thank you!
Amazing Thanks!
no words
"awesome" is not enough
Perfect tires! Real tires!
Amazing Thanks!!!
I apreciate your work! Brilliant! Thank you very much!