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Pirelli Cap - My TEAM

Pirelli Cap - My TEAM FINAL

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Hi Everyone
I wanted to make the Pirelli Podium cap for your own character in Career mode, as per the one I made in 2019, However this one is built from scratch and looks great in-game

What is in this mod:
2 x Original Pirelli Podium Caps
* Black pirelli-podium-black-cap.jpg
* Red 2015-Rushed-Snapback-Baseball-Caps-Pirelli-Promotional-Cap-Sports-Baseball-Automobile-Race-Hat...jpg

6 x Fantasy Pirelli Podium Caps
*Alpine Blue
* Dark Black
* Dark Black with Purple Lip
* Dark Black with Red Lip
* Green
* Navy Blue

This attempt was the closest I can get to the original, Hope you like it, for more info on the installation please see video below

Please use Latest version of the ERP Archiver Ego ERP Archiver 7.1.0 to install the into game:

For Manual installation, please use following instructions
: steamapps\common\F12020\2020_asset_groups\character_package\team_livery\weraceasone

There will be no further updates... Enjoy Feel free to rate and download My Pirelli CAP Much Appreciated :D
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  • Original black with green lip.png
    Original black with green lip.png
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