Piddy 1.01 (1.0)

Piddy for GSC2012

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Special thanks to Smokey1226 aka bigfoothunter for allowing us to host his tracks and conversions

    Piddy v1.0 by Fredhot and NeelJ

    After Vitus Parc, I'm proud to present this new fictional track, 4.113mi long, fictitiously located in Switzerland. It features rapid successions, significant elevations of land (65 meters high with slopes up to 20%), banked turns. He has several technical difficulties, blind turns, braking in support of fast corners requiring high downforce, but also fast sections fully loaded with relative high top speeds.
    The four-turn on a steep slope is difficult to negotiate, and is an important factor in tire wear.
    The circuit has two variants, SAH anti-clockwise, and SH clockwise.

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