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Piddy SH and SAH - GSC 2013

Piddy SH and SAH - GSC 2013 1.0

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GSC 2013 - Circuit - Piddy v1.0

Original author for Rfactor, Fredhot and Neel Jani

Converted to GSC 2013 by Neel Jani with the agreement of Fredhot,

The circuit comprises two variants, SAH anti-clockwise and clockwise SH.

You can find more information in the subdirectory (TextePiddy) containing the original files credits.

For the update of the circuit and part of the new objects (3D) One or more textures were created with images CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.

AIW by Thierrydu81 I thank
Maximum number of cars 36

Reiza Studio 2013 GSC
Bob's Track Builder
Photoshop CS5
SimGarage 3DSIMED

E-Mail Contact;

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani


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Rupe Wilson
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