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Physics reworked for Praga R1 2019-09-05

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The good little Praga deserves some upgrade. Now it can take on not only the "Superlights", but the heavyweights in AC too. And it will blow your mind in the process. In a good way :)

See what 1.0 bar of boost can do for the original Renault F4R 1,998 cc engine in a 585 kg car. This is not an engine swap and pretty much everything apart from the steering and boost is unchanged.

Changes in physics - steering non-linear, no steering assist, new defaults for suspension, drivetrain, alignment and setup. Aero not changed, no ABS too - you have to drive it fully awake and believe me, you will. On some tracks savage bump steer at speed requires both hands on the wheel at all times, yet the fine road texture is not lost in the FFB. No clipping at the source.

Installation: In your game location "AssettoCorsa\content\cars\" create new folder "ks_praga_r1_Radical" and copy in it all content from "ks_praga_r1" folder except "data.acd". Then unpack this download putting "data", "sfx" and "ui" folders in "ks_praga_r1_Radical".
OR: copy "ks_praga_r1" folder from "AssettoCorsa\content\cars\" to any other place, then rename the copy to "ks_praga_r1_Radical", remove "data.acd" file from it and extract "data", "sfx" and "ui" folders in "ks_praga_r1_Radical". After that move the modified "ks_praga_r1_Radical" in "AssettoCorsa\content\cars\" and reload the game.
Important: in "ks_praga_r1_Radical" - "sfx" rename the sound bank to "" or the car refuses to load.
I updated the resource to include the "GUID.txt" that matches the description. Another fix is "replacing" the sound in Content Manager with the same from the original Praga R1.

This "Praga" is not intended to work in anything other than offline mode.

For the fans of the extremes:
V8 old AI .jpg
Along with the engine swap the modders forgot to correct the "ai.ini" and the AI shift on the old rev-range (7000-4000). Correcting this to range 9900-6000 makes the Mecachrome V8 faster and harder to beat (and much nicer to listen to) ;)
V8 new AI.jpg

Default choice for slicks is not the best, but the psi at least are.

Happy driving!
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  1. sfx fix

    To make the mod work, in "ks_praga_r1_Radical" - "sfx" rename the sound bank to...

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I dont have a bank file at all.
This package is not a full car folder. It uses a copy of "ks_praga_r1" as it is described in the install instructions. The .bank file of the "ks_praga_r1" can work if you rename it to match the folder name "ks_praga_r1_Radical".
Broken file
Use Support tab and tell me more. Lets fix it.
really fun to drive :)
Thank you for the good marks! Have plenty of fun!
I like it. Always a fun car for sliding sideways around corners. Like to see you do your magic on the V-8. That one could use some help. Also needs more R's. Limiter to early. Thanks.
Glad it worked for you, albeit not for the intended purpose. If steer lock increase is needed I may do it just for the comedy :))
The basis of the car is what Kunos did, engine only got boost so it scales up in comparison. Cheers!