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Physics reworked for "Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400" 2020-01-16

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A free FQ-400 mod shouldn`t mean a bad mod so to correct the problems of wrong suspension and other physics I have redone the data research, edit, collider and AI training for the Lancer Evo X from "assettodb".
fq400 b.jpg

To choose fitting sound for replacement in CM I propose the one from Kunos - "Mazda MX5 Cup".

Install: unzip in "..\content\cars\mitsubishi_lancer_evox_fq400\" and replace the old files. If you don`t like the authentic 5-speed ratios there is a 6-speed variant of "drivetrain.ini" available after unzipping the "drivetrain man6.7z" in "data" folder. That ratios are from the FQ-360 drivetrain.

Happy driving!

Screenshot_mitsubishi_lancer_evox_fq400_akagi mountain pass_16-1-120-15-26-14.jpg
Screenshot_mitsubishi_lancer_evox_fq400_akagi mountain pass_16-1-120-15-25-35.jpg
Screenshot_mitsubishi_lancer_evox_fq400_akagi mountain pass_16-1-120-15-36-22.jpg

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