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Physics reworked for Alpine A110 1600S 0.2

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(In the archive v0.1 you`ll find both packed and unpacked versions of data for the Alpine A110 1600S.) In v0.2 there is the full added content for the car - data, sound, skins, etc. Link for the mod I put in the package or navigate as follows


I did not like the original handling and redid it all - suspensions, setup, FFB, drivetrain, power, brakes. Now it resembles more a car like the famous little Alpine A110 from 1969. You also can easily edit that yourself using the unpacked data and using the Content Manager.

After installing the car and testing it`s original state, unpack this download in the car`s folder "\AssettoCorsa\content\cars\alpine_a110\" and overwrite when prompted. If you like to have the old and new cars side by side use "Assetto Corsa Car Tuner" to make a copy of the old before applying my patch.

Sources for info on the car - www.renaultalpine.co.uk

Ahvenisto track day in clear weather with a grid of vintage goodies gives this lap board:

If the ride height of the car seems low to you, find in data folder "car.ini" and edit
car height.jpg
so it reads "-0.46" or "-0.45" to raise the body visually without change in the car`s behavior. Or look at the minor changes in this post.

No doubt the tyre pressures are very important for best experience in AC so I found a little trick that enables ProTyres to read this triple set without additional downloads and fuss:
Only on the left side first drag "#3" set over "#1" set without holding "Shift", drop it and reach the next state:

Now mark the radio button for "#1" set and delete "#4"

When done like so, click "Save" and confirm. This is handy not only for the Alpine, other mod cars can work for you now with ProTyres after such procedure. Trick works only on unpacked "data", not on "data.acd".

I would like to have a feedback on this rework, especially if it`s constructive criticism.

So, with the help from user "velofosse" I hope we can get this car updated with even better sound along the better visuals. I have only a small request - someone please redo the sound of this Alpine 1600s from
because it`s way louder than necessary inside and way weaker on the outside.

A very nice free roam option:

Big variety of rough surface roads, tight or wide corners, stretches, gravel, racetracks and general awesomeness... Especially now with Shaders patch and Sol.

Happy driving!

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Latest reviews

brilliant job
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First, thank you for taking the time and sharing your work here for us to use and review. It would be nice to know why , in your point of view, your version of this Alpine A110, is more accurate than the one you are altering. Maybe a little background on who you are, what you changed and why. One fellow modder, also improving on car physic, posting here, has a clever way to change the name of the car he works on, this is a nice touch because, it allows to keep the original.
I never drove that particular car and your version feels good, it would be great to also have reason to believe it is more accurate.
A lot of mods out there could definitely take advantage of better, more accurate physic to go with the 3d model, which often is quite good, as is the case here with the Alpine. So I hope their is more to come.
"Why do it" - original felt like pCars at it`s worst and I don`t like much that kind of FFB.
"Why that car" - respect for the original source whoever he is.
If you like to have the old and this side by side use "Assetto Corsa Car Tuner" to make a copy of the old before applying my patch.
"Is it accurate" - if it feels right it might be.
Thank you for the support and the nice grade! Cheers!
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This car was originally authored by SERIUS and was updated by me couple of years ago. I can tell by the pics that you have not used my version because the license plates are missing.
I am surprised that you were allowed to upload this car on Race Department as it is not original material. Having driven the car it is better than the version by SERIUS by far, but not as good as my version IMHO. I hope you get to keep the car on this page.
I`m interested to see your take on the physics. Post link to your "data" or upload it packed and /w ".txt" extension as attachment in the support section. From the source there is no way I could know who to thank for the initial work. If there are hard feelings - correct the source first and then I`ll give proper credit to the authors.
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I love this car so much.

Perfect balance of power and grip with a beautifully supple and exploitable chassis. A great car for an hour or so at a favourite track with all the on screen distractions turned off. Just drive for the sheer joy of it. LA Canyons and the Nordschleife are perfect tracks for such endeavours.

The turbo version is also really good if you want a little (lots) more power, but the NA version is sublime.

I've never driven a real Alpine, but this feels like it is alive.
Thanks for your kind words! Alas, I too am not personally familiar with a real A110 and only dream of driving one. Or maybe it`s a case of "never meet your heroes" to not be disappointed. Glad that this virtual one did not disappoint you. Cheers!
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Thank you! I didn't like at all the physics of that mod either.. this is much more how i would expect this car to behave. Cheers!
Have fun! Cheers!
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physics feel phenomenal. Also, this is for the author, what's your fix for the sounds for the car? I only get interior sound and it sounds really turned up.
For reference I looked 1:28 > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpnYERO7z64

From what I have the Celica sounds closest and thst`s what I put in the update above. Glad you like my main effort :)
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but in new files, erreur file "lod.ini"
Nope, mine works fine. Otherwise it would have been too evident to ignore.
lods.ini says
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File size
27.6 MB
First release
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