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Physics reworked for Abarth 595 SS 2019-09-05

Can the Abarth 595 SS be fun? Oh, yes it can!

  1. alekabul
    Fiat Abarth 595 SS (man. 4 speed) as offered for the year 1968 in Europe but now with a difference : )

    Engine 594 cm3 spark-ignition 4-stroke Line 2, turbocharger from "Abarth 500 EsseEsse", fueltank lowered, new springs and ARB, wheel alignment and tyre pressures in check (but you do a check on that too), no steering assist, factory standard gear ratios, optional final drives present, diff lock and coast increased 10-fold, brake lines and pads upgraded, but still fading...

    Behold your "Porsche on a budget"! An Eastern block type of budget on top of that. Treat it well and respect it, especially when wet and on vintage street tyres.
    ^^ That`s after none of the usual cheating with the car`s weight and dimensions^^

    : In your game location "\AssettoCorsa\content\cars\" create new folder "ks_abarth_595ss_s2_turbo" and copy in it the contents of "ks_abarth_595ss_s2" exept "data.acd", then unpack "data", "sfx" and "ui" from the contents of this download in your new turbo car`s folder.
    Important: in "ks_abarth_595ss_s2_turbo" - "sfx" rename the sound bank to "ks_abarth_595ss_s2_turbo.bank" or the car refuses to load. I updated the resource to include the "GUID.txt" that matches the description. Another fix is "replacing" the sound in Content Manager with the same from the original Abarth 595 S2.

    Skins from all 3 Kunos variants of 595 are interchangeable, so for this car pick the ones you like and avoid the excess to speed up loading.

    This little car likes small narrow tracks like Okayama kart layout for example or exploring the surroundings while giving you a proper feedback of what`s under the tyres. And it likes music too.

    "Where is the drift lock, man!?" you ask. Here it is.

    This "Abarth" is not intended to work in anything other than offline mode.

    Happy driving!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Natsu51
    Version: 2019-09-05
    really good, i like it :)
    1. alekabul
      Author's Response
      Makes you smile, doesn`t it?!
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