Physics Fine-Tuning MOD | 2016 FINAL

PFTMod is back to bring simulation into motoGP16

  1. Giovaneveterano

    The Fine-Tuning MOD want to be the most accurate experience for motoGP 16: every track and every bike are edited in the smallest detail with love to realism.
    Official lap times and balanced rider's performance want to replicate the real huge challenge of the MotoGP World Championship.

    btn_donate_LG.gif if you love what I've done, consider a donation. It means a lot to me.


    • Simulation physics (MotoGP - Moto2 - Moto3 - Flat Track)
    • More competitive AI
    • New tyre model
    • In game names fix
    • 2017 Season
    Thanks to BIKER7202 for his awesome 2017 MOD, download the full package here:


    movistar-yamaha-2016.jpg Yamaha - uses an in-line 4 cylinder engine results in a smooth release of the power. Good weight distribution and ability to be fast in different tracks. A good handler, great stability in corner entry but loses out due to slightly more drag at high speed circuits.

    ducati-racing-team-2016.jpg Ducati - the V4 with the Desmodromic valves puts out the most impressive raw power figures for MotoGP engines, but has less manoeuvrability and is highly demanding for the riders. The limited setup adjustments confine this bike to excel only in high speed tracks.

    รน.jpg Honda - found a really sweet spot when compared to both Yamaha and Ducati. It has a great apex speed, but it's currently suffering from a very peaky V4 engine. Electronics are doing much of the heavy lifting to make it rideable.

    suzuki-ecstar-2016.jpg Suzuki - the in-line 4 cylinders gives smooth power at low revs and great traction. Is the most easy handler in MotoGP bikes, but suffers in corner speed and braking power.

    aprilia-racing-gresini-2016.jpg Aprilia - owns a well balanced and handler package, plus a refined electronics it fits a good number of tracks, but the V4 engine can't provide enought torque at low-revs.

    ktm.png KTM - after the big success in moto2 and moto3 the Austrian manufacturer started a new project in the motogp class. Could the classic tubolar chassis and a V4 screaming engine be competitive in the most demanding 2-wheels competition in the world?




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Recent Reviews

  1. KRoman47
    Version: FINAL
    Complete game changer, much better than original physics and AI.
  2. DesmoEmi
    Version: FINAL
    Fantastic you have done also the data of the 2017 mod. Well done
  3. Gimbo
    Version: 1.2
    Fantastic mod! I really love it, everything is perfect, i have only one question about some problem that i have only in some track.
    The problem is very simple, during the all week end the other pilots are very aggressive and very competitive, but is not the same during the race, for example in Le Mans normal lap time for all the week end is 1.33 but in the race is 1.40? how is it possible? do you have the same problem? thank you so much for you work!
    1. Giovaneveterano
      Author's Response
      Big thank you for your positive review. The issue have been fixed in the 1.2.1 update.
  4. CrashBandicoot
    Version: 1.2
    Fantastic mod, combined with Biker's 2017 mod is a brand new game!
  5. senbei6
    Version: 1.1
    I tried these physicals in the season 2016 origin and I do not like too complicated to pilot. The only physical ones that can be piloted are the MOTOGP16 RIGID AI MOD 1.1 Is my opinion so you can not say to any idiot as law of your answers I think you have little education
  6. BIKER7202
    Version: 1.1
    Brilliant mod, makes riding much more enjoyable and the longer respawn times are just what I've always wanted, thank you for making it compatible with my 2017 mod :)
    1. Giovaneveterano
      Author's Response
      Thank for your review
  7. maxgrc2
    Version: 1.1
    1. Giovaneveterano
  8. Jonix
    Version: RC2
    So I couldn't wait to test it..unfortunately I have found the time only now (1 am..:notworthy:)

    I would rate this 5/5 just for the feeling you get when braking at turn 2 in Valencia.:geek:

    Simply fantastic. This is something fresh!

    I have only made some laps in Valencia, time trial mode (so no AI feedback or anything else, but as OP said this mod is not about AI for the moment).

    I crashed at turn 13 twice at the beginning :cautious: and I have noticed that respawn does not work, the rider just lays down :sleep:. You have to rewind the game (not that this is a problem, actually I like it).
    Then I simply couldn't stop!

    When you hard-brake at turns 1 and 2 the bike oversteer and the feeling is just fantastic :x3:, You have to try it! Also doing turn 13 while leaning and then straighten the bike to brake for turn 14 is tricky but very very nice!

    Be sure to push it to the limit to enjoy it! You must make few laps..

    Be careful when exiting from turn 2 because the bike pumps a lot :confused:.

    Sorry for the long answer...but it's hard to describe the feeling. For me it is amazing, very fun to play with. You need a controller.

    It's very late and I am tired so I will test it better tomorrow, can't wait!

    P.S. Thanks mate for this update and mostly for coming back!
  9. madmike34
    Version: RC1
    I like very much the overall behaviour, awesome work with the front, it's finally easier to lose it if you lean and brake too much. The handling feels balanced to me, not too fast and not too slow. I always ride the Suzuki, I didn't try anything else yet. It seems like the rear tyre spins very early, even under low torque and while using high gears, and the bike spins a lot compared to the AI, they have much more traction, try to exit from turn 5 and 10 in Argentina and look how much time you lose. About gearbox, the longest 1st gear available is for me too short, it spins a lot and there's a big "stroke" between 1st and 2nd. But it's way more funny and balanced than ever, even if compared to other mods. Excellent
  10. senbei6
    Version: RC1
    In general the whole game speed is lost with this data and also tested motorbikes valentino ranch to see if they were faster and at the first corner and removed the game because it is very slow thank you
  11. Deathmagnet1C
    Version: RC1
    iam so thankfull. you reignited the fun for me! ty
  12. Xtra-Large22
    Version: RC1
    Awesome work as always mate , keep doing better and better everytime, I can't image run the game without the PFT mod
  13. LeaderAsd
    Version: RC1
    It's perfect! From alpha this is a great update! Just finish to update the sector times of moto3 and moto2 and this will be awesome!
  14. kikooOOoo
    Version: RC1
    I like the motogp and moto3 physics great improvement moto2 physics are good and way better than default but maybe it should be easier to have low sides and high sides on the moto2 bikes which would add to the difficulty of the game. Overall great improvement and as always nice work. I know you've added the moto2 in the what's bad part but I thought a comment about what I like and don't like might help you. Can't wait for the next update. :)
  15. GabryMombi
    Version: RC1
    Great job but I noticed that
    - The bike steers much less than the other drivers.
    - In turn, the pilot is almost straight, not the least reaches the bending angles of the other drivers

    It almost feels that MY driver has been nerfed, not that the other pilots have been improved.

    All in all, the game is now MUCH more difficult, this is a mod for those who really want to challenge their own limits.
    1. Giovaneveterano
      Author's Response
      You should have issues, no problems with lean angle, see the vid
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