Physics Fine-Tuning MOD | 2015

Physics Fine-Tuning MOD | 2015 FINAL.2

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The Fine-Tuning MOD want to be the ultimate experience for motoGP 15. Every single track and every single bike are set up with love to the smallest details: wheelbase, engine power, brake discs, weight and grip coefficients are exactly as they are in real life; official lap times and rider's performance are perfectly reproduced into this mod from the real motogp World Championship, physics is way way better than the default one and it's an overall improvement from anything you have ever tried.
Top speeds, corner speeds, tarmac-tyre grip, damages, session times are optimized to have the best possible challenge against the AI, this means balance and fine-tuning, exactly what this mod is.

Difficulty topic is something I worked a lot to let the player play in his favourite settings. Everything works like a charm, just select one of the 5 AI skills in the game and play, the MOD (me) have done every optimization for you!
ex: Qatar, pole lap 1:54.495 on Simulation became an easy 1:55.195 on Medium difficulty.
Just simple as that!

Difficulty Table.png



  • Complex motorbike physics: 2014 - 2015 seasons (motogp, moto2 and moto3) and Legends
  • Official MotoGP championship data: braking points, lean angles, top speeds, weights, engines power
  • Riders: adjusted every single rider's ability in all classes
  • AI: closer races, better braking ability and better traction
  • Corrected tyre behaviour: wear factors, grip coefficient, temperature factors
  • Real lap times
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Latest updates

  1. Small update that many of you asked!

    WHAT'S HERE Increased bike agility (as many of you asked) Added new lowside algoritm Minor tweaks
  2. Reuploaded vFINAL

    WHAT'S HERE in FINAL version: 2014 - 2015 and Legends with updated physics New tyre system...
  3. Biggest update so far!

    WHAT'S HERE Reworked from 0 all the physics: mass, torque, brake power, lean angles, CGs, wear...
  4. v2.3.1

    WHAT'S NEW: moto3 lap times fix closer race pace for moto3 riders
  5. v2.3

    WHAT'S NEW: Lowsides are more common (be gentle on the brakes!) Corrected torque for both AI...

Latest reviews

I love the added grip, and the more realistic braking. The AI is really tough to beat! (In a good way) I have a question though; does this mod include the DLC? (Estoril, Red Bull Rookies, 4 Stoke Legends) Or does it just cover the base game?
This mod is awesome, i can't even finish in the top 3 in every race.. Great work, anyway may i ask what .bml files did you edit ? i want to use this mod with MotoGP 2017 Season Mod..
I came late to this one. Not until this morning in fact.. But I have to congratulate you. With the sharpened up feel to the "flickability" and steering of the bikes this feels absolutely fantastic to me.. I'm very impressed to say the least. Thank you!
dude can you help me to fix ma game i lose my mechanic i dont know to bring him back help me please
Bikes are too stiff..
Amazing mod, ruined by the slow direction change of the bike.
As you can see, many are asking for a revision, but I guess this is the 'final' edition., and won't get changed.
Shame.. all that hard work you did for nothing.
So much better than the vanilla game! Also i wish Milestone would pay more attention to the audio as your edited video sounds so much better!
I agree with others that the responsiveness of the bike isn't ideal. is it possible can i modify the files in my game to tweak it to my tastes and compensate the AI? (and if so how?)
As mentioned before the change of direction is not realistic in my opinion, it is to slow. It was a reason to not use this mod, sorry for that. The rest of the behaviour of the bike and rider is very good my compliments! Is there something you can do about the change of direction? It would make the mod almost perfect.
Can anyone know if you can pass Laguna Seca motogp14, 15?
So, this is FINAL, I guess ? :rolleyes:
Yeah, i hope this is the final, now prepare yourself for next game.
It's right there around the corner.
I'm sure Milestone will find a way to screw their ai, once again. :P
I'm sure the new Motogp game will be the same as the 15: I have to build up a whole new Physics mod from zero, hopefully the parameters will be the same
good work man! :D
Good review mate! ;)
Great mod! I'm using the Final version and it is so much more challenging than the stock game and i'm only playing on medium difficulty! At last i can struggle to hit the top ten. I started a whole new career and i'm enjoying Moto3 immensly :)
I would like to run Laguna Seca MotoGP with 14 or 15 Has anyone thought about making this conversion of MotoGP13 circuit?
The mod is exceptional :) I love it , I'm having much more fun with this than the stock game .
One question tho : That sound, it's a mod aswell? If yes I need to have it :| :))

I'm glad you are enjoying the MOD. The video is just the game with the real onboard sound of the Honda, to show how good the MOD matches the real life.
Physics is awesome, and really challenging.
There's only one problem, which is a small delay of the rider while playing with manual tuck-in. It takes a couple of seconds for standing up while braking.
Beside that, great job.
Thank you for all this outstanding updates.
Physic is great, AI is quite dumb but at least it goes faster than stock game. The only aftermath I can't play online.
Loving work, 5 out 5!
Respect ! For your work and all ! Thank you very much .
I like the feeling of the bike, under brake and accelerating out the fast turns. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the behavior of the bike during the change of direction. It's very slow and, in my opinion, not true to the physics of a MotoGP. I agree that the original ones were too snappy and that had to be changed, but I am afraid you went too far the other direction.
overall a very good mod
You're completely right.
In one hand you have pure realism (fast change of direction) and in the other one you have this dumb AI that's slow as hell in the snake sections.
This is the only way to match the AI and have some fun.
Try a quick race in Austin or Silverstone, it should be fun.
Awesome work! Its like a new game for me. Im so impressed. The best physics mod on this site for me. Thanks
Huge thanks :)
Its realy hard to switch from the stock physics to the mod physics maybe its just that i need to put more time to practice to get a clear laptime
This 2.0 version finally fixs the speed into the twisty section.
Awesome! 5/5
A long time without update, but this is a masterpiece. I love this mod, the best I found in this site.
I'm glad to read this ;)
Thank you for your great work ! ! !
Wow I don't remember the last time in motoGP 15 that I struggled to keep 6th or 10th position. Love the new feeling of the bike keep up the good work. Really appreciate this mod and your constant work to make it better it brought life back to this game :D
Lot of fun, hard work behind, updates keep coming 5/5
I have a problem in gear changing it goes to revlimiter like nuts in auto trans, and stupid question i have set the A.I in hard and is really hard do i have to change it?? It will affect the mod ???
Thanks for the feedback. Send me a PM and tell me more info about the auto gear bug (class and team) so I can solve it. This mod is tuned on the hardest difficulty, you can change it to easier one but I have no idea on what can happen. Good luck
Thank you very much !
Great Job !