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Photoshop 3D models for modding your own design -Part 1- 1.0

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Photoshop 3D models for modding purposes.

This part contains the files for

Ducati, FTR Kawasaki, ART and Suter.

4096 in file size.

Slimmed it down to bodywork only for the painting side of things.....makes life a lot easier. ;)

All with wireframe, new shadow map and mask.

Also included in the file is the full bike 3DS file should you need it for display purposes or if you want you can take this into Photoshop if you want the full model.

Note this is model only and if you take the full model into Photoshop it carries no textures, you'll have to bring these in yourself onto the seperate layers. I have had to do this to save on file size when uploading.



Sample images below.

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