Photorealistic PPFilter C13 Camera Obscura

Photorealistic PPFilter C13 Camera Obscura 2.2.14

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I present to you C13 Camera Obscura! A photorealism oriented PPFilter for Sol and Pure

C13 Camera Obscura 2.2 no longer supports Sol.

2.0 is a reworking from the ground up with Pure support in mind. But Sol users have not been left behind, with a Sol version of 2.0 calibrated to match the Pure version as closely as possible.

To everyone who helped test the filter and provided feedback, thank you very much. An additional thank you to community members who have contributed showcase images!

Recommended Sol 2.2.1 or newer, Pure 0.142 or newer and CSP 0.1.77 or newer! Enjoy this release, for any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

There is only one CSP settings you should adjust: LightingFX

Install this filter by dragging the system folder from the archive into your assettocorsa folder. This filter overwrites version 1.0, so if you’re running Sol, and like the old one better, you have to reinstall that.

Some usage guidelines for Pure users:
The filter comes with a set of configuration options in the PP tab that you may tweak. Two I recommend you test, most you should only tweak if you understand what you are doing.

The options in question are:
Preset Slider – changes some low level colour grading settings. Pick whichever one you like most.

To maintain settings across restarts click “Save Script Settings”



Latest updates

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    While I'm in the pre-production phase of Camera Obscura 3.0, i invite you to have a look at C13...
  2. C13 Camera Obscura 2.2.14 update

    Changelog: Adapted base gamma to handle shadow visibility better Adapted base brightness to fit...
  3. C13 Camera Obscura 2.2.06 release for pure 0.142+

    Update with Pure 0.142+ in mind. WARNING - DOES NOT WORK WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF PURE. Sol is...

Latest reviews

GOD DAMN! This is awesome! is there any chance I can show you some photos I took?
thanks! and sure. best way, i suggest finding c13 automotive on youtube, and joining the discord from a link in any videos description.
It causes the sky to break and and it permanently puts the game into daytime. Useless which is a shame because it looked good.
There is a high likelihood you're attempting to use the filter with pure 0.115. Please update to latest Pure
Whatever the PP filter I tried, I'm always back to C13 Camera Obscura ! I never get tired of it and that's the best sign it looks natural ;)
made some tweaks to make colors a bit cooler (set to 7000), other than that, brilliant filter, keep switching back and forth between this one and the Reality Filter beta but i prefer this one since it's a little brighter overall.

Question though; drove around the Nordschleife using the Rollovers BMW M8 GTE and set it to night in Sol planner and the dash of that car lit up like a christmas tree; the lcd/lightbloom was way to high.

Any thoughts/ideas on how to remedy this? Seems to be caused by the filter from what i tested, and I'm afraid it's probably caused by one of the things i like the most about the filter; namely that when it's a clear day and noon, the road gives off a glare bouncing back the sunlight.

any help/info would be appreciated!
Unfortunately as i don't have that car i can't really say. If the issue is limited to that car only it could be a mod issue specifically. Feel free to either shoot me a dm, or continue this in discussion if you'd like to investigate further
Best PPFilter
idk what im doing wrong, but the pp filter looks really dark even at 12:00 o clock
1. Make sure you've installed the filter manually. You can easily tell if something went wrong by the PP tab in the pure config app. If the preset slider is there, the filter is installed correctly.
2. If you've made custom adjustments and saved pure settings, try resetting pure to default. Sometimes some settings get stuck.
If you're still struggling to achieve the advertised look,, don't hesitate to post some screenshots of the problem in discussion, and we'll try to figure out where the issues are coming from.
Great! looks amazing but where is that blue r34 from in the pictures? who made it and if possible link?
I love it! My personal Go-To PPFilter.
Without any doubt the best PP filter for AC.
Thank U for the work !!! Excellent PP
magnifique !
where the preset slider at???
Pure config app, pp tab. If it's not there, try manually reinstalling, by dragging the folder from the zip into your ac root
Very fine!
Great job! Still the best filter if you want graphics to look realistic
For the love of me, I cannot get this to look the way it looks in these screenshots. Using Pure 0.115b...any ideas what I could be doing wrong? It looks washed out. That preset slider is not visible on the PureConfig app. Would appreciate your help.
You installed by dragging into cm, instead of manually unzipping into the ac root folder. Delete and try again. For future reference, these issues are easier to troubleshoot in discussion :)
No filter has satisfied me this much. Have been using only this filter for all of my work since its first release, because it made me to enjoy taking photos and creating videos. Recommended for every Assetto Corsa player!
Thank you so much for your kind words, and all the support you've given me on this journey
When it comes to driving, this is the best PPFilter for me.
I'm happy to hear you enjoy it!
Gorgeous! I'm eager to see the next updates, though I'm not even sure how it can get better.
Beautiful! Thank you for this PP
loving it!!!!! thanks
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