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This is my version of the 1989 Phoenix Grand Prix streetcourse.

I started making this a long time ago (I mean a really long time ago), and just only had the time to finish this recently.

I say "finish", but there's an update planned in the future, as there are some bugs nad I can surely do things better the more I mod, the way I constructed this track way back when does not suit modern techniques in modding. So, sorry.

I do know that a friend of mine has planned to do an update of this, and I know if he does, he will blow my version out of the water!

I'd like to thank quite a few people that helped me in my research to get this track as close as I could get it to real life, as all of the buildings are the ones that were there in 1989 Phoenix.
One thing I wasn't capable of was recreate the really hot sky (as there was not a cloud during the entire weekend).

Copy Phoenix89 folder into your rFactor\GameData\Locations folder.
Fire up rFactor, ENJOY!

Oh yes, the Thank You part:

- Brian Janik for his amazing AIW !!! what a dude !!! Man, thank you so much for your help and spot on work!! Utmost respect and thanks!

- François Remmen, the flying dutchman (before Max "stole" that title lol), for his knowledge, direct feedback and no Bullsh** (thank you for your honesty and trust, I hope I didn't disappoint you really by not finishing the update first and then submitting).

- Brad Hall, Phoenix Arizona historian/photographer, artist, blogger.. Man, thank you ever so much for your historical help and pics, without you I would have torn my hair out !! And for those who like history and want to get a bit more interested in Phoenix's past and present in the world, please check out this guys pictures and blog (you can check him out on Facebook and also http://bradhallart.com/ and http://www.historyadventuring.com/ please give him a like as he certainly deserves it!!! And don't hesitate to ask him a few questions he's really a cool dude)

- Dennis Simanaitis, former Engineering Editor at Road & Track magazine, and a really helpfull and kind person who got out of his way to help me with his archives, thank you Dennis very much!! Please check out his website: https://simanaitissays.com/about/

- Myself, I guess, to have the guts to keep on trying to do this track, for no pay and no real reason to do so, except recreate something I lived once as a 4 year old spectator at the race in real life. And my parents for taking me to this race when I was so little. I still remember the sounds and smells.

I hope i didn't forget anybody here..

Oh yes: the anti-thank you: The Diocese of Phoenix. I requested a picture in order to recreate a building that no-longer exists, I thought it would be funny to paste their response here:
"Thank you for contacting us with your request. Unfortunately, at this time I am not processing any research requests. However, if you would like to submit your request for possible approval, please do so in the Fall (September/October). Just know that our collections are a private institutional repository, whose primary duty is to serve the Bishop, Curial offices and Catholic parishes, and access is generally limited to such uses. On rare occasions, select portions of archives may be made available to researchers, as permitted by canon law, civil law, and privacy considerations, and subject to approval by the Chancellor, which approval may be withheld in the Chancellor’s sole and absolute discretion."

.......I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that, as the person could have spent less time scanning an old photo of the building and sending that to me, instead of the administrative blabla :) But anyway I did without, and made the building afterall without their help.
Anyway I hope you like the track, don't get too close to the walls, I made them that way on purpose.
The racing on this track should be quite fun to watch !!

Don't hesitate to give your feedback and appreciation.
And If you want to modify/update, please PM me as this is MY WORK and took me a long time to get as right as I could.
I don't want too many fake alterations to it.

Cheers and happy racing.

Eric Kruger
(you can PM me on https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php or https://www.racedepartment.com under nericksenna if you need)


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