Peugeot 408 SCB Camel Team by DR1K727

Peugeot 408 SCB Camel Team by DR1K727 1.0

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Car Peugeot 408 SCB Camel v1.0

* Fixed bug using Michelin sponsor on the windscreen of the car along with the sponsorship of Goodyear in the rest of the paint and the tires! (sorry for bad english! use Google Translate)


Replaces the car: Peugeot 408 SCB Oakley painting (livery_02)
To use the new paint, replace the folder:
C:\...\GRID Autosport\cars\models\408\livery_02

Credit: DR1K727
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Latest reviews

This mod dont is for Autosport is for Pcars
Excuse me! I do not know why this mistake happened! I already corrected! Thank you!
Great skin...thank you !
Thank you!
I have paintings for Pcars 1 and 2! Some already posted and others I'll post soon! Thanks!
=P cool
Thank you, my brother!
In the "gamevicio" site (Brazilian) you can find my paintings for the Dirt 2 game!
Big hug!

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