Peugeot 207 S2000 car+ skin pack 1

207 Peugeot car + 8 livery pack

  1. peppinosan
    207 pack mix 3.jpg
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    Hello after so much effort and a job that lasts for months I wanted to share with you my mod. I love to 207 s2000 and I was sorry not to have it in the game I decided to convert it from dirt 3. The transition was not easy I had to modify the interior of dirt because those three were not compatible but finally I did it for the interior like to tell you that I did not take the present rally cross the 207 files in dirt rally.
    I include in the package 8 liveries.
    To insert the 207 you have to sacrifice the ford rs rally always run a backup.
    make a backup of the file:
    cars / models / fow
    cars / interiors / models / fow
    photos of liveries are in sequence
    Sorry for my English translated Enjoy

    Dirt rally 207 mod
    Scusate il mio inglese tradotto Buon divertimento;)
    Dirt Rally interni.jpg
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    1Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 1 Marlboro
    2Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 2 Andreucci Sanremo
    3Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 3 Valousek Delimax
    4Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 4 Kresta Mogul
    5Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 5 Breen Peugeot Accademy
    6Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 6 Andreucci 208 livery
    7Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 7 Andreucci 208 livery 2016
    8Rally Dirt.jpg
    Livery 8 Neuville Kronos Team
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Recent Reviews

  1. sadasdasd
    Version: 1
    it is possible to correct the clean windshield in rain?
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      they are headquarters and from here I do not know how to ask another modder. Greetings
  2. maximumuse
    Version: 1
    Merci pour Peugeot ! le Roi du Rally
    Tj pas de possibilité de changer l'image dans le menu du jeu ?
    Is it possible tout change the picture in the game choice menu ?
  3. Cristiano Vaccarini
    Cristiano Vaccarini
    Version: 1
    Do you plane to fix the internal skin issue?
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      Non copisco da me gli interni si vedono bene sono in hd provo se vuoi provo a ridurre il formato
  4. gamer19
    Version: 1
    I feel sad for losing Focus, since it's one of my favorite but on the bright side... I would just rename it, not deleting, can use it sometime after, so not huge problem.
    Great idea, thank you for this, this is real rally legend and it's a shame that game as big as Dirt is missing it.
    Only minor problem for me is that almost all liveries are totally unknown to me, only that Marlboro one is of course famous, is there anything you can do about it now ? =/
    How bout this one:
    not too shabby huh ? =)
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      Give me some days and I realize however that the livery is a 206
  5. PPRTOzzy
    Version: 1
    bardzo dobra robota teraz czas na Lancera EVO IX
    Version: 1
    Excellent mod et choix judicieux pour le remplacement de la RS 2001 car du coup l'auteur respecte les caractéristiques de l'auto a savoir 4 roues motrices et donc réglages correct et régime moteur quasi identiques 8500 trs/min .cerise sur le gâteau, cela ne coupe pas le jeu en ligne.
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      :-) grazie tante thanks I'm happy
  7. GoodOldBakes
    Version: 1
    Excellent mod.Great to have the 207 in. Is there any way you could publish a list showing what liveries replace the Focus liveries on screen?
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      photos posted are livery order.
      1 Marlboro
      2 Andreucci Saremo
      3 Valousek Delimax
      4 Kresta Mogul
      5 Breen Peugeot accademy
      6 Andreucci 208 livery
      7 Andreucci 2016 livery
      8 Neuville Kronos team
  8. sqdstr
    Version: 1
    Great work, I've always wanted to drive the 207 S2000 in Dirt Rally but didn't manage to convert it myself.
    The only question I have is if it's possible to have the 207 instead of the 2007 Focus RS? I like the 2001 Focus a lot more than the 2007 model tbh, but otherwise nice work ofcourse :)
    1. peppinosan
      Author's Response
      that you just take the downloaded file and change everything starts with fow with the new acronym car you intend to replace
  9. BalazsB
    Version: 1
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