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Peugeot 106 Rallye S2

Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 1.1

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Lovely little car
Very accurate.
Très bon mod que ce soit sur la physique ou sur la modélisation. De belles batailles sur SRS en VR. Merci
Really nice thank you!

A few notes:
Tail lights look too dim
flickering in cockpit on the cigarette lighter, hazards etc area in particular, when on large tracks, much more noticeable than other cars, quite distracting in VR
Engine volume is a tad too low when compared to other cars, so you get drowned out in a mixed grid, amplifying int and ext by 1.2 seems to help

minor errors in logs:
INIReader: content/cars/dj_peugeot_106_rallye_s2_1996_tuned/data/setup.ini > KEY_NOT_FOUND: [DAMP_FAST_BUMP_LR] HELP
INIReader: content/cars/dj_peugeot_106_rallye_s2_1996_tuned/data/setup.ini > KEY_NOT_FOUND: [DAMP_FAST_REBOUND_LR] HELP
o carro melhorou um pouco nas retomadas porem ficou mais escorregadio e a roda dianteira esquerda superaquecendo, o forcefeeback mudou tambem. no geral achei que ficou levemente pior que a versao anterior
Very good physics, i had a lot of fun races with it thank you very much
Great improvement over 1.0 version. Hope to see more !
Great job!!!
nice improvement! the addition of the tuned is really the gem of this update, what a joy to drive!
Love this car so much! amazing job!
0k Gracias
OMG! It is very realistic! Thanks m8!
I really loved this car. Thanks buddy :)
Very good physics. Interior can be improved. Nice mod overall.
Drives absolutely excellent but looks very bad, needs fixing.
Amazing! Waiting for proper Gti or Saxo VTS
Good job
A classic rally car, really enjoyed it ! Thank you !
Finally a good Peugeot car that works and drives like a charm. Great job on this one, it's always wonderful when I come across a quality hot-hatch.
Interior looks amazing,which is important for VR.Also great physics and feel.AC definitely needs more quality hot hatches like this one.
Epic 90's Hot hatch, really detailed inside and out. Drives really well too. I can't recommend this enough! https://youtu.be/ZtF9XlFYo1Y
Magnifique reproduction ,je trouve vraiment rien a redire si ce n'est peut etre la le travail du chassie , mais c'est largement pardonné tellement c'est beau.. a quand une 106 s16 ou une 106 rallye phase 1 !
That's remind me a lot my Saxo VTS 1.4. Maybe one day will we have the luck a Saxo VTS 16S ?
Thanks a lot !
Amazing job !!