Peterbilt 389 Modified

Peterbilt 389 Modified 1.13

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Hi, this is the ATS version of my Peterbilt 389 Modified mod, for ATS 1.2.

If you updating from older mod version (Peterbilt 389 v1.12) you have to sell the truck in game before you update to prevent game crash!

This mod work only on ATS 1.2.

• Version 1.13:
Separated cabs and chassis in truck model
Added new cab chassis combinations
Added 8x4 chassis with steer axle
Added new 3 spoke 20" retro steering wheel
Added alcoa heavy duty front rims
Added new nut and hub cabs
Added new engines and transmissions
Changed rims to new system for wheel customization
Removed quickjob truck, as it making game chrashes, will be add later again
Updated engine sounds
Fixed some models
Fixed some bugs (lvl 18 bug)
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