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Pessio Garage Ape Proto "Terrorcarro"

Pessio Garage Ape Proto "Terrorcarro" beta

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Took a Piaggio Ape three-wheeled motorcar. Trash all but the cab.
Build a pseudo-random tubular frame around it.
Secure somehow a Hornet 600 engine on it.
Done, enjoy the power.

Started as a real fast start-to-end project, I became more and more involved in it.
Physics speaking, is sitting nicely in the middle of rear behavior and fun.
With its huge rear slicks and stupid swing suspensions, and only a scooter wheel to steer it, you can expect no steering at all, then sudden extra oversteer, yet controllable.

Extra work was put on animations, suspensions ones, and handlebar.
It obviously has a 1:1 steer ratio, in reality, being basically a fork. But, to give it some kind of driveability, I decided to go with a more relaxing 8:1 ratio. Said that I had to animate the handlebar differently from the input wheel. So, I went using extra animations.

Beta stage.

No LODS at this point.

thanks to @Cauri Design for some skins.
and @Giuseppe Abagnale for physics review.


Latest reviews

really funny to play
So much fun to race!
Very funny and well made mod!
Didn't have so much smile on my face for a very, very long time. Opera d'arte!
Top quality
so awesome and hilarious. thank you
Awesome mod, very funny to drive! I hope to see a gravel version soon :)
stupid idea, weird car, tries to kill u, 10/5 would download again
Love this thing so much! It's terrifying and so badass!
Probably the best three-wheeler I've come across, well worth a try.
Great idea ;-)
Thank you very much for creating this mod. It was long time since I've had such fun in simracing.
Hell yes
You are the best crazy idiot in the world. Great job man!
Its incredible just thinking at the amount of work behind this ape.
Thank you ;)
Excellent 5 Star job sir! This is what I secretly needed and never knew. Thank you very much for this fun car/ motorcycle or whatever it is. :)
best mod ever, pessio garage n1
Great model, puts a grin on your face to drive it and also pack a grid with them and race around a nice twisty track for some memorable races.
Close to perfection as usual!
File size
42.4 MB
First release
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 36 ratings

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