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PerPixelMultiMap with Emissive map 1

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Adds a 5th slot, txEmissive, to ksPerPixelMultiMap, that's multiplied by the ksEmissive setting. Lets you go from this to this:

(artist's conception, not representative of the actual parts of the taillights that are brake-related)

To install, extract system+sdk folders into your AC installation, does not overwrite anything.
To use, select ksPerPixelMultiMap_emissive in ksEditor. Paint your new emissive texture with the brightness and colour of light you want from it. Full white = original emission.
To redistribute, include the system folder with your mod.

Potential uses:
running lights (as above)
buildings on a single material with just the windows lighting up, not the entire texture
windows lighting up various amounts across a building, instead of all identical
backlit advertisements that don't light the entire thing uniformly
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Latest reviews

I use this in most of the track mods I build. It's excellent! It's great for adding lit windows to buildings at night, lighting up portions of signs, etc.
Perfect shader for emissive work :)
The way it should have been on the first place. GTR2 had a similar type of textured emissive lights and I'm glad you made it possible for us to have it. Thank you very much.
This thing is excellent ! only thing I would change if I could would be to add bit more gradient to it, feel like with very subtle changes you get quite different results
Very helpful, thanks!