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Perfect Setup V1.5.3

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Version of davy_depuydt's mod for setting the car up perfectly instantly at the start of a race weekend. Allows you to simulate practice.

Drop it into the folder replacing the existing file
STEAM_INSTALL_DIRECTORY\steamapps\common\Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\Managed
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4.32 star(s) 31 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1.53

    Latest hotfix for 1.53
  2. v1.5.1

    Version 1.5.1 hotfix mod
  3. v1.5

    Updated to support the 1.5 Endurance Series update
  4. 1.41 Update

    Updated dll with 1.41 update patch

Latest reviews

works perfect
It doesn't work for me. 1.53v
perfect mod. thanks
best mod ever
This mode has made my life so much easier. 4 stars only because I couldn't load my old save after adding this.
works great
Works perfect, now i dont need to do setup lol
thanks for this. its perfect
Excellent mod, it removes the monotony of having to constantly adjust the race setups which the game randomly generates using RNG every race. Thank you to the mod creators and this site.
Works good, only no more sound
Works perfectly
Works great!
3 stars only because all sound and audio stopped working!? set-ups perfect though!
Helped me save a lot of time before a race, i could never get more than 95%, thank you.
Worked great, new patch it isn't working anymore.
Thanks so much. I love the game, just getting the setup every race is getting really boring. I am getting 97% or higher every practice anyway without the mod, this just saves time doing this tedious thing everytime. Also works in BETA 1.51 for me.
It is working with the 1.51 beta patch for me.
when the update for v1.51 is ready ?
Where to install?
Doesn't work on my end as well - black screen then crash. I'm pretty sure this is just some random bug, because it works with other users. i'm using the latest version of Motorsport Manager as well.
Real World
Real World
Are you using the BETA version of Motorsport manager?
This is the best mod ever. I hope you keep updating it.
Works perfectly, and since I'm no gearhead, it is awesome to have! THANK YOU!!!!
Don't run man, first there is a black screen and finally crash.
Game Version: 1.41
Works perfectly
Just a black screen
Game version 1.3.(something)
Real World
Real World
This mod is for 1.41
Con este mod puedes centrarte mas en el desgaste de los neumaticos.
Works fine with the new update. Good work!