Pennsylvania "Imported" Plate 2017-08-19

A new plate for all in-game vehicles

  1. Mitchelskater
    thymb.png [copied for convinience] txt file in download explains it better
    Make a folder called anything you want, and put UAE 1.5 in there unzipped.

    Put my sharedassets2 and sharedassets3 folders in that folder as well.

    Open UAE 1.5 and click on Open Assets-File.

    Navigate to where your MSC is.

    Click on sharedassets3

    From there on you are going to search plate in the search bar

    Look for reg_plate1.tex

    Right click on it

    Select "Import"

    Do the same for reg_plate2.tex

    Click Save Assets-File, navigate to your MSC Folder if its not already on there, and click whatever you chose (for this, sharedassets3) then click ok.

    It should say do you want to replace, say yes.

    Then do the same for sharedassets2 with reg_plate3.tex
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