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PCARS 2 Realistic Reshade Graphics Mod 1.0

graphics mod, reshade, realistic

  1. Diablo_rf
    This is a ReShade for PC2, I did it mainly for myself but I thought it would be nice to share it with you all guys because the game by default looks very boring.

    1. Select which version of the reshade you want to install, Light or Ultra.
    2. Open the correspond folder and drop the files from the archive in to your main project cars 2 folder where the game
    is installed.
    3. Open dxgi.ini and change all the paths to currespond your game installation.

    To ENABLE and DISABLE the plugin press SCROLL LOCK
    If you want to tune it youself, or disable the clock press LShit+F2 there you can find the menu.

    Light version has an impact of 3-5 fps.
    System requirement: GTX980 and lower.

    Ultra version has an impact of 10-15fps depending on your hardware.
    System requirement: GTX980ti and higher.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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