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PC2 FFB H-ExtremeAC (Feel the all) 2018-07-20

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PC2 ExtremeFFB Profile Mod for Project Cars 2 by Mortal

Check Wheel sliders config for TMX/T300 G25/G29


H-ExtremeAC: (Warnning Keep your hands firmly), this is a very high detail and aggressive profile, you before need set this in the game.

Config Wheel set to:

650º Limited angle, more intuitive with greater reaction control and balance of degrees between categories.

900º Full turn angle, more accurate.

Game Settings;

FFB Sliders 100/20/5/50-40 (Extreme) (Gain 100-90 for GT3 in EXtreme)

FFB Sliders 64/20/5/50 (Middle) (Gain (55-65) *64 for Street Recommended)

::Gain Feels 100-90(Extreme) 90-70(High) 55-65(Middle) 45-55(Low Relaxed)
The Middle config is a very good profile for not hardcore users.

*All Aids Disabled

And config this
Ingame Wheel Settings:

Steering Deadzone: 0

Steering Sensitivity: 50

Throttel Deadzone: 0

Throttel Sensitivity: 100

Brake Deadzone: 6

Brake Senitivity: 80

Set the FFB config to "Custom" in the FFB game menu after of copy the file.


FFB ExtremeAC reworked with implemented new code and tweaks for feel the terrains, slips, grip loss, sand, grass, gears,wheel forces, engine, par, jerks, kerb, bump,abs… Searching a AC feel.

This work open a new game PC2 experiences and road feels.

Thanks to SMS and Jack Spade for the original game samples.

Feel free for launch a beer...
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